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Blumar Hurghada

No description

Reham Abdel Fattah

on 2 October 2012

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Transcript of Blumar Hurghada

Makadi Bay Blumar Hurghada General Strategy of El Gouna Kafr El Gouna Units Available in Hurghada http://properties-egypt.com/propertys/new/property-in-sahl-hasheesh/ Sahl Hasheesh Rental Guarantee + Hotel Management
Price/meter: 6,000-8,000 LE
Terms of payment:25% down payment and 3-4 years installments
Units Range: Studios, 1-bedroom apartment, and 2-bedroom apartment
Branded Hotel
Nubian Style as it is very preferred in El Gouna Recommendations Location of our project is very good 700m² from El Gouna.

Concept of a gated compound is new in this area.

We are the only developer working in progress in this area  Credibility

Good facilities and Hotel Strong Points - Blumar Upper Nubian Sabina West Golf West Golf RESALE West Golf: Sold Out
Um Jamar: Private Yachts Villas
G Cribs: Issue with perception, the project was positioned as the ‘Gouna Affordable Luxury’, targeting those who couldn’t afford Gouna prices which turned out to be a failure. Other Projects Joubal Difference between 1 bedroom & 2 bedroom, 1 bedroom has a bigger terrace
This project is over 6 years since the revolution and because it is off plan.
The villas are built over 14 m up for sea view and the apartments 22 m up for sea view.
Price/ meter square: $2,500- $ 2,700
Studios are sold out
Strategy: Project overlooking Um Jamar.
Facilities: Swimming Pool Ahiaa Area
It is first side from the beach Samra Bay 200,000+ inhabitants divided into the following parts:
El Kawther: No Compounds
El Sakala: Hotels and Commercial
Arabia Road: Independent Buildings plus Hotels
El Dahar: Hilton, no Real Estate, Supermarkets
Promenade: Hotels
El Helal: Independent Villas plus the Governorate & National Security Building Hurghada Objective:
Understanding Hurghada and El Gouna competitors.

The initial step was to conduct internet research to understand the market and gather insights about some statistics

Data about the competitors was gathered through sales offices visits (Mystery Shopping) and telephone calls

In attempt to get insights of the foreign customers interests, several interviews were conducted. Objective & Research Methodology Objective
Research Methodology
Market Research
Hurghada – Gouna Road
Market Research Conclusion
Recommendations Index Total Area: 105,885 m²
Phase 1: 51,597 m²
Phase 2: 54,288 m²

Total units: 1,400
Phase 1: 632 units
Phase 2: 768 units

Average space for the units: 72 m² Blumar - Hurghada Ancient Saints (Hotel Management) Price / meter: 3,100$ 3,200$
Golf and lagoon
Unit Areas: 56m to 280 meters apartment
6% of unit price rental guarantee over 2 years
Current Offer studio: 52m: 146,000$
This supposedly the last project on the lagoon side (otherwise, Gouna will sink)
Strategy: Good Investment; & 18 hole Golf Course Sabina
This project is built with the concept of offering the customer with a voucher card. 1 bedroom: 15,000$ branded furniture. 2 bedrooms branded furniture: 20,000$ and the villa: takes swimming pool + parking space.
In case of not paying installments over 2 years, you can do it over 3, but no voucher.
Average Price/meter square: 2,600$ to 2,800$
Strategy: The West Golf Extension Independent buildings with either one of the following:
Access to a nearby hotel
Offer few basic facilities
Terms of Payment: All of the companies require a large down payment (Average: 30%) and installments on a number of few years (Average: 2 years)
No Ads for any of these buildings, ads are in the form of on-site billboards
Most of the projects deliver finished units
Most of the projects offer a rental guarantee General Strategy for sales in Hurghada 3rd side of the beach
Next to Arabia Hotel
12 buildings: Ground +5 floors
2 swimming pools + Security 12 Buildings
10 buildings (U shape opened towards the beach): Ground +4 floors
263 units
Facilities: 2 swimming pools, 10 elevators, Gym, Internet Café, Restaurant, Kids Area
Landscape 3,000 m²
Second side from the beach (El Khayam 1st side from the beach)
Possibility of finalizing a deal with El Khayam to access the beach Nour Plaza
The roof price depends on the seller: some sell it as a bulk included in the unit price and other calculate it as half the price of the regular sqm
Second Side from the beach Al Dora Apartments
Second side on the beach
No rental guarantee Hurghada Dreams
Second Side on the beach
Studios are sold out
No rental guarantee Lincom Residence

Bungalows are not yet build cause they are still waiting for tasree7 l bee2a.
Private beach, Swimming Pool and Lagoon
6% rental guarantee. Lincom Residence

The project is done and cash payments is preferred, with access to the hotel.
10% Rental Guarantee
95% Sold Out Lincom Residence

The building is 150m from a nearby hotel (Free Access)
The building is composed of 2 floors (4 apartments per one floor & 5 per the other).
Rental Management system: 5% from the unit value yearly and it increases with the unit value. It is written 10% for 2 years (fixed income). Or you can leave them the apartment to rent. Lincom Residence Reham Nagib
Christine Salib Market Analysis Blumar Hurghada
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