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KIWI Credentials Final

No description

KIWI Advertising

on 27 November 2013

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Transcript of KIWI Credentials Final

KIWI is full service advertising agency with more than 18 years of experience in advertising. We offer a closed cycle to our clients – from concept creation to campaign implementation, promotions, PR and production. Our core value is to provide efficient solutions to our clients and to maintain high quality of work. Our heart is the Team, made of recognized and experienced professionals.
or why our clients trust us
Because of an 18-years experience in small and big accounts
Because of a high quality working standards we value
Because of a closed cycle we provide – from concept creation to campaign implementation, promotions, PR, production
Because we have flexible internal structure, which means adequate reaction in tightest possible deadlines
Because of our International presence – the agency worked on projects for Slovenia, Croatia, Roumania, Bosnia, Kosovo, Montenegro, Macedonia and Albania; branch office operates in Skopje, Macedonia.
We are team of dedicated professionals with long experience in all aspects of modern advertising. A Client Service and Creative Departments who can bring the adequate brand message an develop it into ideas. A Media Department with huge experience in planning/ buying for some of the biggest advertisers in Bulgaria. Well trained BTL teams and supervisors with rich experience in conception, organization and execution of events of various scale. Own in-house PR agency (5W Communications) with energetic and competent team and deep know-how in all kinds of PR campaigns, long-term strategies and crisis challenges.

Ilona Staneva
Director Marketing, Advertising, PR
Emil Georgiev
Managing Director
"Kiwi 97 created a vision and story which completely responded to our requirements."
FiBank Diners Club Bansko
Interactive Print Mastercard Debit
ParkBeach - modern residential area with controlled access, both seasonal and year-round use. Complex in both web design and construction, the site offers the possibility to click and view each apartment and a visible floor plan.

Camea - web site advertising two brand of cigarettes Camea and Ring, but only Camea has been developed to date.
Domaine Boyar - Modern site that reflects the vision of a company that is fully geared to modern winemaking.

Quantum - micro site for famous wine brand
Residence - club restaurant.
Thank you!
Advertising solutions
Media buying and consultancy
Own print house production
BTL events
The world is changing, and so are we. From the advertising as we know it, we we went seamlessly into the digital world. A world where anything is possible and the world, which attracts more and more of our potential target. Target, which is in line with the new technologies and exciting digital solutions. He is looking for the interesting, the new and the innovative.
To give it to them, we are working with the best developers, designers and animators. As result, we can proudly show to you many successful digital projects that have been implemented for our current clients.
Este - exquisite restaurant where each meal have a memorable taste.
Telelink - Corporate website of a company which sets up a network system integration units and intelligent buildings.

Kiwi News - News portal for active and energetic people. A website with fresh design, that will charge your mood every day.
or how efficient we are
Domaine Boyar Quantum Red Wine
FiBank Deposit
FiBank Yes Card with Berabtov
FiBank 6 1/2 Housing Loans
FiBank Image Campaign
FiBank BG Credit
FiBank Credit Cards Boys
FiBank Credit Cards Girls
FiBank ''Vespa'' Consumer Loans Campaign
FiBank ''Caramel'' Consumer Loans Campaign
Jazz Fest Bansko
Own production of all kinds of outdoor
• Own resources for all stages of this activity:
- projects (including architectural)
- production and mounting
• roof constructions (including lighted)
• facade ads
• 3-D

Production & mounting of in-store
and all other types of branding
• Signage & retail space branding
• Office space branding
• Car branding
• Production of totems (including lighted)
• Plastic visual objects signage

Hitachi "Life" Air Conditioner
FiBank Credit Cards ''Just in case" woman
Technomarket Product Campaign
FiBank SME Campaign ''Chairs''
"The 7 Dwarfs" Mortgage Loan
The Problem
So far Fibank was not actively advertised mortgage loans and therefore was not known for that kind of financial products. Now the bank has set up a mortgage with good features that needs to be communicated to customers. But in times of financial crisis and uncertainty, people are cautious in making long term loans never the less how good the product features are.
The Solution
Due to the fact that in the USP of the product stands out the figure "7" (interest rate on the mortgage is 7% fixed for the first 7 years), we decided to put the number "7" in the minds of consumers and stimulate demand for more information. The most appropriate analogy to the figure, we unanimously decided that these are the seven dwarfs from the fairy tale.

The Implementation
"Seven Dwarfs" is the one of the most famous story in the world with common situation as the advertised product - dwarfs all live in common, crowded house and it is logical that some of them want their own new home! The story backbone was easily developed into memorable, sympathetic, cheerful and funny stories that are flexible and applicable in all media channels and forms. Additional desirable impression was the fact that dwarfs are low ... just as is the interest rate in this mortgage loan.
The slogan ("This is no story but a reality!") wraps this concept, giving logical finale of a deliberately unassuming, very compact and focused campaign that aims to "be different" in a highly competitive market segment.
The Results
The Dwarfs have become a symbol of low interest and entered the vocabulary of our clients. Visual recognition of characters on television, print ads, billboards and online, has led to results that exceeded expectations. Campaign overachieve the expected results well before the end of the campaign. For one calendar year dwarves sold 30% more requests for mortgages compared to 2011 in the period April 2012 - February 2013 was a growth in the applications amounted to 17.2% compared to the same period in 2011 .
Market share was increased by 0.1 percentage points, total mortgage loans increased by 4.5%. The excellent results of the campaign climbed the bank from eighth to seventh position in the banking system in Section mortgage lending.

HITACHI "Life" Campaign
The task was to communicate for first time on TV the Hitachi air-conditions as a separate brand on bulgarian market.
The challenge was to do it within an extremely limited budget in a very short timescale. We decided to pick moments in life, that are familiar to target and to show them how nice and comfort life could be with the Hitachi air conditions. Having limited budget and time, we choose different video stocks and wrapped them with smooth copy and catching music. The result was a truly beautiful advertising with almost no budget. We air it for three weeks nationwide and we managed to increased the sellings with 10%. On top of that the creative was so excellent that the central office of Hitachi in Europe, decided to support our next campaign with central budget which is great success for our local client.

Hitachi "Life" Air Conditioner
Own printing house
• Two own printing bases: оffset & digital, offering
high quality and extreme speed of response.
• KIWI Printing House closes the entire circle of creating
an advertising product – quickly & cost-effectively.
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