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How Survive in the Savannah

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Maria Torres

on 17 October 2014

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Transcript of How Survive in the Savannah

Civilization and the wilderness. Two very different things, and unfortunately most of us humans only know how to survive in civilization. After all, there's technology to help us. But what if we didn't have this technology to help us out when we actually needed it to survive. That's when we need to figure it out on our own. Here is some information over the African savannah,and it is not like civilization, in technology, houses, and much more.
Civilization and the Wilderness
The African Savannah
The savannah is a place filled with plants, both deadly and edible. Some plants that you can eat are Gum Arabic, Baobab, and Okra, which can be useful for things other than hunger. Some plants that you should avoid are Stinkblaar and Bloutulp, plants that contain toxin and can kill you if not treated by a doctor.

Animals are a different case from plants. Plain zebras, giraffes, antelopes, and elephants are all edible animals. These take some bravery to digest sometimes, but they cause less risk then other animals. Animals that not edible at all are carnivores and poisonous animals. A mosquito can carry malaria, a Tsetse fly drinks blood from vertebrates, and a snake known as the black mamba contains poison that can kill you within thirty minutes or less.

The water you can get from Africa comes from rivers or lakes or any kind of water source you can find. Water is a scarce in Africa, and so a little help is used. In this case, from animals. Animals, like humans, need water to survive, and so it will have to find water too. By following an animal's tracks or even the animal itself you might find water. To clean the water you need a pot and a fire, boil it, and when it is filled with bubbles, it is germ-free.

The Sahara is a desert that takes up nearly a third of Africa.

Although Africa is the continent with the second-largest population, it doesn't have electricity, which means there aren't stoves in which you can cook your food in. Instead, you will need a fire. And in the savannah, there are two things available to eat-plants and animals.

Africa is the second-largest continent, and it is divided into two major parts: the Sahara, and the Savannah.
Main things for survival

To survive, there are basically three things: food, water, and shelter. To find food is easy-you just need to be cautious. However, finding shelter and water is a bit harder than finding food.

There are two types of shelter humans can use in the savannah, and those two choices are natural shelter and man-made shelter. Natural shelter would be caves and other rock formations that have space within them. Man-made shelter would be, in this case, a home made by mud, sticks, and stones, or anything that is strong and long-lasting.
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