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No description

Hollee Hanshaw

on 10 December 2013

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Transcript of Stardoll

Why they create it!
How to make you own hair
How does star doll work
How to find the make up
To find the make up you have to go to the tab at the top of your screen that says shop. If you hit that you hit the thing on the right that says beauty. You hit that then pick the store you want
How to shop on Star doll
Star doll
By Hollee, Raven,

Star doll is a social networking site. Its kind of like Facebook but its more protected . You dress up a doll and use that as your profile person. You can take pictures of your doll or other dolls . You cant take a pic of yourself and post it on star doll its not like that.
what is star doll
This is a picture of a chat room with people
in it.
Star doll is cool . You can go into chat room and talk to people from all over the world. But be careful don't give out your information. So no one get's in you account.
One stop-rule
One stop-rule is a thing where if someone bullying someone then you report them and the Star doll people deal with the rest of it . But the person that you report will get a warning .

This is a picture of
some bad things people did.
They create it so people can talk
on there and play games. Plus its safe , if you don't give out your information.
These are the different kind of make up but there are more than these one's.
When you want to go shopping you hit the tab that says shop then pick what type of shopping you want.
This is a girl putting
her clothes in her closet.
This is the boys
when they are
How to make your own hair is
when your on my page tab you hit design and sell. Then there will be different tabs . you hit StarDesign Hair. Then you hit go to hair studio ,if you want to make hair.

This is someone that made their own hair.
Their is a lot more stuff in Star doll like blog and alum and yearbook, but thanks for watching Raven and Hollee.
This is someone dressing up for Halloween.
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