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Pop Culture

Social Project with Pearl Venpin, Arianne Muskens, Camilla Gutierrez

Camilla Gutierrez

on 20 November 2012

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Transcript of Pop Culture

The Past and The Present Pop Culture How Pop Culture Changed Through Time Yahoo Mail and Search Movies The Twilight Saga Nokia Flip Phones Turtlenecks MySpace Britney Spears Sony Discman Celebrities Josh Hutcherson Lily Collins Nicki Minaj Justin Bieber Nina
Dobrev Books Fashion / Styles Circle Scarf Toms Converse Skinny
Jeans Long
Necklace V-Neck Clothing Magazines T.V Shows Websites Current Pop Culture Past Pop Culture The reason why we feel that Facebook is popular is because it makes people more interconnected and interdependent. The society likes to know about their surroundings and what is going on around them. One common thing related in all those websites is that all of them gives the viewer a piece of information about the sender/poster identity. Facebook is really popular because it allows you to send information on what is on your mind, what you see or what you like or dislike. People magazine is really popular because it is about famous people's lives. The reason why it is popular from our perspectives is because, with us having normal lives, we want to know the lives of the celebrities. We want to know what they are doing, who they are dating, and what they do in their personal lives. People Magazine also makes us feel closer as a society because all those people from magazines do not come from necessarily one place, they come from various places all around the world. Magazines is a form of media, informing us what is happening around the world. It also inform us of the latest release in cinemas, new fashion styles, new cosmetics products, people who are making their debuts in whatever business they are in, what is popular right now and tips of lives. The reason why Ugg is popular is because it is what the celebrities are now wearing and because of all the advertisements the company did on the product. People like us are also attracted to those products because everybody has them, it feels like we will be missing something if we don't have the same products as most people have. Another reason why we are attracted to those products is because most of them are expensive, because they are so costly it made us want to have them more, then when we get it, brag to it to our friends all of their advantages and encourage them to buy them too. Electronics Music Rihanna Apple products are part of pop culture because everybody wants them. People think that if they had bought one of the products, it would enhance their image or status to fit in. Apple products had also made it easier for us to access many different types of media such as Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, etc. They have also many different types of apps that could make daily doing easier for us. You can do all of these things in just a tap away! They also have a huge variety of products and different generations surpassing the previous one such as the iPad (2, 3, Mini), and the iPhone ( 3, 4, 4S, 5). Twilight started a new era of supernatural in both fiction and movies/tv. Its popularity created an onslaught of vampire, werewolf, ghost, etc based entertainment.
Because so many people began to copy the ideas in Twilight and released countless ripoffs or spins of the same topic, people began to get tired of the original Twilight series, along with the supernatural craze.
Most of the world has now moved on from Twilight to delve into the dystopian, life-is-miserable-in-the-future obsession. 3) Where in the world has the greatest influence on global pop culture? Provide three reasons and explain? Yahoo was once a popular search engine and email service. However, with the expansion and versatility of Google and all its serves, it certainly rivals Yahoo. It is much easier to go to one search engine and be able to link your email account to your YouTube account and find almost any location on a detailed, world wide map.
Since Yahoo simply doesn't live up to that, their popularity has declined and they are now on the pop culture out train. Nokia phones still serve as reminders of the old days.
Their lack of design and features compared to Apple iPhones and Samsung Galaxies is noteworthy.
People now want Internet, video space, songs, and apps on their phones, and Nokia's limited style is simply just not good enough for the world's current consumers. America has had the greatest influence on global pop culture. Three reasons being:
- Since the official language of the United States is English, almost everything that comes out of the States is produced in English. The fact that visual and audio media such as movies, tv shows, and songs are in a language that people speak worldwide and can understand, this increases popularity. The US has created pop culture that people can globaly connect and respond to. This is why the culture of the people is almost written by American producers.
- America is a leader of technology, especially in the film and song industry. Many of the techniques and programs used by producers are created or first tested by Americans. Through their innovations, they are able to create movies of high quality, which, in the end, receive a higher budget worldwide. This money can then be used to further improve the content they are making. With the latest technology, people can access media easily. The US also produces useful sights that help spread their media, such as YouTube and Facebook.
- American producers have the freedom to express their culture and ideas. American pop culture isn't as restricted by cultural or religious ideas as other countries, partly because of its multicultural aspect. A lot of people in the world can connect and relate to it because it doesn't contradict their culture.
For example, many American movies that gross the most in the box office appeal to emotions and desires all humans feel, rather than being centered on religion or cultural aspects.
When it coms to fashion, Americans create outfits that cover up and go to the bare minimum, allowing countries all over the world to pick up on these trends.
Despite some contradicting values, the media produced in the US mounts in popularity because everyone around the world can understand it and then pick and choose what appeals to them. 2. To what extent is individual identity affected by pop culture?
Who we are is influenced by the world around us. Pop culture, or popular media, is constantly being shoved in our faces through billboards, commercials, and the items advertised in stores.
Our individual identity consist of the atmosphere we live in. Since pop culture makes up a great portion of that atmosphere, we are most likely to absorb it into our own identity and let it influence what we like.
If we want our identity to match others, we might tag along with pop culture.
If our identity is based on being un-mainstream and standing out, we might use pop culture to make sure we're choosing things to represent us that are not currently popular. 1. To what extent pop culture affected by forms of media and communication technology?
As communication technology evolves and forms of media, so does pop culture. For example the new Samsung Galaxy S3 is way more efficient for calling, texting and entertaining yourself than an old Nokia flip-flop phone. Back then, Nokia phones were one on the biggest "haves" in that peculiar period of time, but as time passed, technology evolved and now nobody wants to have the old Nokia flip-flop anymore but the latest models of phones like Samsung Galaxy S3. Forms of media for an example could be yahoo emails. Back then, in its glory time everybody needed to have a yahoo email to not feel excluded in society, but when Facebook came in with the new chat method, people didn't need to send long emails and wait for the other person to reply and send it to back to the sender. Because of Facebook now people can chat, sending each other messages in no time, just by pressing "Enter", commenting of their post and viewing pictures or playing games at the same time while chatting with their friends. People didn't want anymore the yahoo email which didn't have anything else except sending emails, they wanted the new "Facebook" which was way more fun and efficient. This example showed how Pop Culture changed from a yahoo email which was popular and Facebook which is now the must "haves". In resume you could say Pop Culture will always changed if new forms of media and communication technology will also changed. Thank You
for Watching Our
Presentation from Camilla,
Arianne & Pearl Apple Products Disney Movies Disney and Pixar had been working on great movies for who knows how long. From Cinderella to Brave, they have done a superb job. The reason that they have been around for a long time is because people loved looking back on their childhood. They remember what they have watched as a kid and they would pass it through generations so they would have the same experience they did. Disney movies have been also relived by the theme parks in California and Florida, making our childhood dreams come true. Disney movies are also well-known around the world. Movies / TV Shows Fashion/Style Websites
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