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Prezi, SlideShare or VoiceThread: Which is best?

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Tricia Buchanan

on 6 December 2016

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Transcript of Prezi, SlideShare or VoiceThread: Which is best?

The goal of SlideShare is to make the sharing of knowledge easy and accessable. The site has over 18 million uploads in over 40 different content categories.
Most of it's 70 million visitors come through targeted search which helps users reach an audience that's interested in their specific content.
VoiceThread is a sharing tool where users have the ability to add documents, images, videos to which other users can add audio, video or text comments. It is a great way for the hearing impaired to collaborate.
Educators can present students with an image or video, ask questions and record responses using VoiceThread.
Pros & Cons
Pros: VoiceThread gives users the ability to collaborate at different times. It is a way to have a group discussion without all group members being present.
Students who are learning impaired have a different way to interact with classmates and teachers.
VoiceThread in the Classroom
VoiceThread is a great tool to use in the classroom. The following VoiceThread is an example of a VoiceThread I would use in my classroom. In this example the teacher and students put on a performance of a story together. Once they have finished they share their thoughts on the performance and how they think other students did while performing the story.

Here is a link to the example: https://voicethread.com/myvoice/?#thread/780379/4140789

The students can then listen to each others responses and get feedback on their performance. I think this is a great way to get students involved using technology.
VoiceThread can be used as a storytelling tool, a research tool, communication tool, and even an assessment tool.

SlideShare in the Classroom

Pros: SlideShare is a great resource for accessing presentations and information on just about anything.
Students can share presentations easily just by uploading or creating a document.
It can handle large files.
The site is very easy to use and it is free.

SlideShare vs. PowerPoint
The one big advantage of using SlideShare is that it is internet based which makes sharing with classmates easy. PowerPoint is a file that is shared by emailing or using a file storage device.
PowerPoint is part of Microsoft Office Suite and must be purchased and downloaded to use on a computer, SlideShow is internet based and free to use.
Overall, SlideShare is very similar to PowerPoint except it is not a Microsoft product and may not have all the bells and whistles. There are some features that are the same.

Prezi, SlideShare or VoiceThread:
Which is best?

Cons: SlideShare does not allow you to track how many people view your presentation.
Inappropriate material can be found on the site so students use of the website should be monitored.
Although SlideShare lets you create basic presentations for free, you must upgrade for more features like privacy.
Pros & Cons
An example of a SlideShare I would use in the classroom would be this presentation I found:


I feel the information is eye catching and exciting. Understanding the elements of a story are important to understand but don't have to be boring to learn. Introducing these elements in as a SlideShare presentation can help keep students engaged.
VoiceThread vs. PowerPoint
VoiceThread is completely different than PowerPoint. With PowerPoint there is not a way to comment on the slideshow or to interact other than speaking directly to the creator. VoiceThread enables everyone to be involved and to share their thoughts on the image or topic. This allows for students to hear many points of view, some that may be different then their own.
I think VoiceThread offers a way for students who may not be as comfortable speaking in front of others to get involved.
Prezi is a visual storytelling software where the presentation format is like a map instead of traditional slide format. It gives the user the ability to zoom in and out as desired and to jump back and forth between topics.
Prezi is very easy to use therefore just about anyone can make a presentation using Prezi. The website also provides several templates to get started. Presentations made with Prezi are highly engaging and can lead to interesting conversations between students and teachers.
Pros vs. Cons
Pros: Prezi is free and there are many different ways to customize. The design options are endless. Students can make a Prezi together or share their own Prezi with others.
Prezi in the Classroom
Prezi would be a great addition to any classroom because it is appropriate for all ages. Prezi doesn't limit presentations to a specific subject, teachers of any subject can use Prezi for their classrooms.
Prezi allows you to add just about any resource to the presentation like videos from youtube or google images. You can also add audio files.
As with all online tools, it is important to monitor students usage since they can view everything that is public.
One way I would use Prezi in my classroom would be as an introduction in the beginning of the year or biography. Below is an example of an introductory biography. Students can also create one themselves!

Prezi vs. PowerPoint
Prezi has more of a flexible/fluid look to the presentation (referred to as mapping) and PowerPoint has more structure. PowerPoint has what we think may of as a 'traditional' presentation. The mapping is more of a modern design and it can take some time to get use to the flow. PowerPoint is straightforward and easy for most to understand.
Prezi is free to use but PowerPoint requires the purchase of Microsoft Office products . Both programs offer free themes and design choices for users to customize their presentations.
Prezi and PowerPoint both offer great ways to present information. Prezi is a new tool that offers a completely different look then what we all know as PowerPoint. I think it is great to have choices because a Prezi may not work for every presentation and the same for a PowerPoint.

Cons: VoiceThread is not free. In order to upload images/documents, or to even comment, you must purchase a yearly membership.
The site is interactive from an audio perspective but it is not very exciting. Keeping students attention could be difficult if they just look at a photo or document and listen to comments.
Cons: If you need a different theme or want to make your Prezi private you have to pay to upgrade. It can be hard to print a Prezi. Some teachers or students like to take notes and that can be difficult if you can't print.
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