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The Great Gatsby

No description

Min :D

on 24 January 2014

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Transcript of The Great Gatsby

The Last of the Belles
by F. Scott Fitzgerald
Jocelyn Lee
Janice Lee
Lauren Lee
Mindy Kim
Starry Xu
Anna Resnick
Flappers Vs. Victorian Principles
The Last of the Belles Summary
- Story told as a flashback from 15 years ago
- Andy ran into Bill Knowles, who introduced him to Ailie Calhoun
- Ailie began seeing different guys,
splitting her evenings among them
- Ailie broke all her dates one day
when Bill Knowles had leave
- Lieutenant Canby didn't take it well
and threatened to kill himself

The Biography of F. Scott Fitzgerald and Zelda
Zelda and Daisy: the golden girls
Gatsby and Fitzgerald: the romantics
"I hate a room without an open suitcase in it - it seems so permanent" -Zelda
The women are the cause of the Fitzgerald's and Gatsby's downfall
Dresses with wide volume
Constricted abdomen with corset
Harmed women's health

"New Breed" of women in 1920's
Excessive makeup, drinking
Short skirts
Symbols and Motifs: Insular Nature of Wealth
Refers to the 'old money' (Tom and Daisy)
Rich are so insulated with their money, don't understand the poor
Daisy doesn't understand Gatsby ('new money')
The Last of the Belles Summary
- Canby died in a car crash
- Met Lieutenant Earl Schoen
- Ailie was sore at something that happened downtown with Earl
- Bill Knowles arrived one day and left the next

Symbols and Motifs: Voice
alluring, laid back
bored and tired
sometimes artificial
impression of wealth
childish and naive at times
Relationship between Ailie and Earl was hopeless

"Exteriorly Earl had about everything wrong with him that
could be imagined. His hat was green, with a radical feather;
his suit was slashed and braided in a grotesque fashion.
Evidently he had been to his old barber, for his hair bloused
neatly on his pink, shaved neck. In these clothes even the natural
grace of that magnificent body had departed."

Symbols and Motifs:

clue: greek sirens
Clue #1: Greek Sirens
Clue #2: Fairy
magical qualities, like her voice
unreal being in Gatsby's dreams
absinthe = green alcoholic drink; commonly referred to as "la fée verte" (the green fairy)
The Last of the Belles Summary
6 years later...
- Neither Bill Knowles nor Earl Schoen ever came back
- Bill Knowles married a girl he met on a boat
- Ailie became a typical flapper girl
- Andy told Ailie he was "deeply and incurably in love with her"
- Andy visited his old camp

Sirens: enchant sailors & lead them to shipwreck
Daisy allures with her beauty & voice
Daisy brings Gatsby to his "shipwreck"

You've made it through the last presentation, old sports.
"All I could be sure of was this place
that had once beens o full of life and effort was gone, as if it had never existed, and that in another month Ailie would be gone, and the South would be empty for me forever."
Character Analysis: Ailie Calhoun
The Betrayal of Romantic Idealism
purity & innocence
Daisy is a daisy
frequently describes Daisy & Jordan
white is easily tarnished
the color white creates illusions
- Golden Girl
- Grew up with a good background
- Pretends to be faithful, but is always going
on dates with different guys
- Wants a "sincere" guy, but ultimately
wants wealth and prestige

" I guess she's got to marry some rich guy that'll give her a great social position."

"She half lay in my arms and yet scarcely touched me . . . I was trying unsuccessfully to kiss her, and had been trying for the best part of an hour."

"“So I became her confidant instead.” "Rich Girls don't marry poor boys."

"Next month I'm going to marry another man. We're not even announcing it, because I've done that twice before . . . You know I couldn't ever marry a Northern man."

“It was "a romantic wartime wedding," all very rich and sad. I felt vividly the dark radiance of the sky under which it took place, and as a young snob, was more envious than sorry.”
Hollywood in the 20's
Emphasized the era's social, artistic, and cultural dynamism.

Large scale diffusion and use of automobiles, telephones, motion pictures, electricity.

New aspects of society accelerated consumer demand and aspirations and would leave a lasting impact on the people's society.

“For a moment the last sunshine fell with romantic affection upon her glowing face; her voice compelled me forward breathlessly as I listened — then the glow faded, each light deserting her with lingering regret, like children leaving a pleasant street at dusk.”
“For a while these reveries provided an outlet for his imagination; they were a satisfactory hint of the unreality of reality, a promise that the rock of the world was founded securely on a fairy’s wing.”
Last of the Belles and the Great Gatsby
Daisy Fay and Ailie Calhoun
flowers: the daisy and the magnolia
the belles of their societies
voice: promises and the past
Character Analysis: Earl Schoen
-Has the looks
-Has manners and is a good officer
-However, he wasn't smart and was illiterate
- Exerts confidence even though he was poor
- Searched for work, but didn't come back rich

Earl Schoen and Jay Gatsby
Both share similar backgrounds and the same initial love for Daisy
However, they are also not quite the same
Tarleton and New York City
"All I could be sure of was this place that had once been so full of life and effort was gone, as if it had never existed, and that in another month Ailie would be gone, and the South would be empty for me forever."

"After Gatsby’s death the East was haunted for me like that, distorted beyond my eyes’ power of correction."
The Last Line
" Lieutenant Earl Schoen...as fine a physical specimen" as Andy has ever seen
"He wasn't smart and definitely illiterate, yet he was a good officer, high-tempered and commanding."
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