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OKWU M.Ed. Portfolio Presentation

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Amanda Hendrix

on 15 October 2013

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Transcript of OKWU M.Ed. Portfolio Presentation

Graduation: Against All Odds
The Vision
The Values
OKWU M.Ed. Portfolio Presentation
To provide educational services to homeless and highly mobile students in order to remove barriers, provide opportunities, and promote academic success, improving the graduation and retention rate of high school seniors in the process.
Where I want to go...
To help achieve this mission, BPS Homeless Services program will work with Bartlesville High School to increase the graduation and retention rate of homeless and independent high school students in grades 11-12.
MISSION: To distinguish Bartlesville Public Schools as the best in the state in academics, staffing, technology, facilities, and student activities.
-MENTORS: We will develop a mentor program which will provide academic and emotional support through the development of a relationship with a responsible community member.
-CURRICULUM: We will improve the curriculum and grow the Life Skills class provided during group for the alternative students in the Bruin Academy.
-SUPPORT GROUP: We will continue the Independent Students’ Support Group, and we will broaden the group to include all high school and mid-high students facing homelessness (a name change will be needed). We will find a way to bring the Mid-High students to the luncheons. We will bring in a variety of speakers from the community to speak about success, hard work, relationships, academics, etc.
... and how I will get there.
1. Equality: Students facing homelessness receive the same academic opportunities as other students.
2. Acceptance: Students and parents are not judged for their circumstances.
3. Support: Families will receive referrals to social and educational services in a safe and stress-free environment.
4. Community: Strong partnerships with community agencies and organizations are vital to the success of the program.
Fall 2011:
Form Independent Student Support Group; Life Skills Group
Spring 2012:
Refine and Improve ISSG and Life Skills Curriculum; Survey high school faculty and staff, as well as community members, students, and parents, about what students need to stay in school
Summer 2012: Evaluate progress and plan for the 2012-2013 school year; locating and screening mentors
Fall 2012:

Improve attendance in Support Group; Change Support Group to include all homeless students; implement Mentor program
Spring/Summer 2013: Research and Evaluate the program; Refine and apply changes to the program according to research findings
Fall 2013:
Celebrate a successful graduation rate! Continue to refine and apply changes to the program according to research findings
In the Spring of 2013, 90% of homeless high school seniors will graduate. Next steps- Increase the rate of these students moving on to post-secondary education!
Program Assessments:
- Student, Parent/Guardian, Counselor, and Teacher Surveys
- Attendance Rate
- Graduation Rate
- State EOI test scores
About Me
- Married to Kyle for 10.5 years
- Have 2 boys, Treyton and Austin
- I turn 30 tomorrow!
- Educational plans to be a lifelong learner
ELCC Standard 1. Vision
Artifact 1:
- Logic Model
- Theory-Based Research Proposal
- Action Plan Summary

ELCC Standard 2. Instruction and Learning
Artifact 2: Curriculum Analysis
- Tahlequah High School 9th and 10th Grade English Curriculum

ELCC Standard 3. Management and Operations
Artifact 3: School Finance Portfolio
- How a school district budgets
- Federal Programs
- Audits
ELCC 4. Community
Artifact 4: Communication Plan
- BPS Family Support Department
- Increase parental involvement and student achievement
ELCC 5. Ethics
Artifact 5:
- Philosophy of Education
- Personal and Staff Professional Development Plan

Action Plan Summary
ELCC 6. Political, Social, Legal, Economic, and Cultural Context
Artifact 6: School Law Research Paper
- Cyberbullying
ELCC 7. Internship
Artifact 7: 38 Leadership Activities
- Shadowed principal and assistant principal
- Interviews with transportation, attendance,
child nutrition, and maintenance employees
- 84 homeless high school students (grades 11 and 12) - 44% graduated
- 23.8% were retained
- 19.2% transferred to another school district or went to homeschool
- 13% dropped out of high school
ACTION PLAN- 2012-2013
- 47 homeless high school students
- 46.8% graduated
- 23.4% were retained
- 23.41% transferred to another district or went to homeschool
- Only 6.39% dropped out of school. From May of 2012 to - Decrease of 12.31% in the drop-out rate
- Of seniors, 71% graduated and 9.7% dropped out
- 75 homeless high school students
- 38.7% of those graduated
- 28% were retained
- 14.6% transferred to another school district or went to homeschool
- 18.7% dropped out
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