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Justin Sung

on 26 May 2015

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Transcript of Refugees

Who Are Refugees?`
Refugees are people who have evacuated to different places to escape wars, natural disasters, presecution bullying, racism and even death.
Some refugees leave their home but still stay in their country. They are called Internally Displaced People or (IDP) for short.
Refugees In The World
There are currently around 50 million refugees in the world today, and the world only has about 7 billion people. And you might not know but refugees are a big big problem. Most refugees come from places which are poor and have a lot of problems (wars, natural disasters...) like Afghanistan. Most refugees have hard jobs (like farming) for a living even though the average they earn is only about $63 HK dollars per week . Not even nearly as much as your parents earn.
Refugees Housing
Refugees live in really poor conditions. The toilets are old and smells really bad.

This video is set in Hong Kong. Watch the video below to learn more.

Hong Kong Refugees
Impact on countries that accept refugees
Quite a lot of local people have lost their job to refugees especially UK local people. This may lead to bad feeling between local people and refugees. Refugees might have no experience in doing work they do now. The bosses prefer to pay the minimum wage to the refugees than pay local people more than the minimum wage.
By Justin, Jeffrey, Remy, Vedaant and Jami
Why we Should we help Refugees?
We should help refugees because everybody has
rights to do things, but some refugees don't even have the main rights. There are not many charities that help refugees, they had risked there lives and left everything behind to try to find a safe place so they don't have much . They need our support to live, because they can't afford to buy main needs (like clothes). Also most of the refugees don't have enough money to afford a house.
Hong Kong refugees have a different story. They are not allowed to work, so how do they get money? From charities and the government. How do they pay for housing? The government gives them $1500 every month for housing which is not a sufficient amount of money. How can you live in such bad environment and such little money? Some say
is better than living in Hong Kong as a refugee.
Pie Chart
This is the percentage of the world's refugees, it may seem
little but it's actually a lot. There's only 50 million refugees but there are only around 7 to 8 billion people in the world...
By: Jeffrey, Justin, Vedaant,
Remy and Jami
Let's Help Refugees!

How Can We Help Refugees
You can always help refugees and you can start it by telling others what you have done. Here are some ways you can help refugees. The easiest way you can help is to donate money to refugees by giving the companies that help refugees money. It still counts as helping even if it was a very small action because if everyone in the world donate a bit of money would could help the refugees a lot.

Charities that help Refugees
We Can Make

Our homes and food compared to refugee homes and food.
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