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Aaron Smith

on 28 October 2014

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Transcript of ELECTRICITY

the flow of electrons
pgs 682-699 and 706-714

Electrical Energy
energy of electric charges

- pg 60, 450, 682, 730 in big book

- pg 34, 86/87 in the little book (Elec/Magnetism)
- pg 154 (Motion, Forces, and Energy)

Deal with the particles of an Atom

3 Types
neutron - no charge
proton - positive
electron - negative
Electric Current:
continuous flow of electrons through a material
pg 692
Circuit - complete, unbroken path
through which electrons can flow.

similar to ... water through a hose
Transformation of Energy
pg 454, 730
energy can be transformed, or changed, from 1 form to another.

examples - electric to mechanical
electric to heat/thermal
Why do we care?
without this knowledge ....

like - repel
opposite - attract
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