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MGMT 4325 - Ch. 1

Assessing the environment

Laura Guerrero

on 3 September 2014

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Transcript of MGMT 4325 - Ch. 1

Chapter 1 - Assessing the environment
Dr. Laura Guerrero
Why do we need to assess the environment of global business?
In groups, please explain:
(1) globalization
(2) impact of emerging markets
(3) backlash against globalization
(4) effects of institutions on global trade
(5) effects of globalization on corporations
In 5 groups, explain:
(1) the European union
(2) Asia – especially China and India
(3) Americas: NAFTA, MERCOSUR and CAFTA
(4) Russia AND the Middle East
(5) African Union
In groups, summarize the book's explanation of the following:
(1) political environment
(2) macropolitical and micropolitical risk events AND terrorism
(3) economic environment
(4) legal environment
(5) technological environment
Five global trends:
Changing balance of growth toward
emerging markets
, and their growing
middle class
Need for
increased productivity and consumption
in developed countries to stimulate their economies
global interconnectivity
Increasing gap between demand and supply of natural resources and the
push for environmental protection
Challenge facing governments to
develop policies for economic growth and financial stability
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