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Animal Cell Hotel

No description

Razvan Rus

on 2 December 2012

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Transcript of Animal Cell Hotel

Welcome to the Plant Cell Hotel where families can come here and have an amazing time!

Your room is on the 12th floor The Nucleus Main Lobby The nucleus controls everything that goes on in the cell. It also stores data. The nucleus of a cell can be compared to a front desk of a hotel because the front desk stores all the files for information of the hotel just like the nucleus stores information for the cell. The Front Desk 1st Floor Vacuole The Vacuole stores food and nutrients that help plants and animals survive. The Kitchen The vacuole of a cell can be compared to the kitchen of a hotel because the kitchen stores food and nutrients for their guests just like the vacuole does for it's cell. 2nd Floor Mitochondria The mitochondria breaks down nutrients and energy for the cell. The Restaurant The mitochondria of a cell can be compared to a restaurant of a hotel because people "break down" food in the restaurant, creating energy in this process like the mitochondria does for the cell. 3rd Floor Cytoplasm The Cytoplasm is the fluid that fills the cell. The People The cytoplasm can be compared to the people in a hotel, because the cytoplasm the the fluid that fills the cell. The people are the ones that "fill" the hotel 4th Floor The Kitchen The ribosomes can be compared to the kitchen because the kitchen in a hotel produces food which can be compared to the protein that the ribosomes makes Ribosomes The ribosome is the part of the cell that produces protein for the cell. 5th Floor Endoplasmic Reticulum The endoplasmic reticulum creates a network of membranes that are found throughout the whole cell 6th Floor Lysosome The lysosome is the part of animal cells that digests food or breaks down a cell when it dies. 7th Floor Golgi Body The golgi body is part of a cell that packages protein for it. 8th Floor Plasma Membrane The plasma membrane surrounds the cytoplasm of a cell to keep the organelles to stay inside the cell. 9th Floor Centriole A cell's centriole pulls apart the spindle fibers during mitosis. 10th Floor Nucleolus The Hotel WIFI The hotel WIFI can be compared to the ER because the WIFI gets all over the hotel just like the ER network of membranes gets all over the cells The Garbage The lysosome can be compared to the garbage because thats where all the leftovers go and spoil (die). Bell Boy The Golgi bodies can be compared to the bell boys in a hotel because carry your luggage to your room like the Golgi bodies carry the protein Structure The Plasma Membrane can be compared to the structure and of the building because the structure (wall) keeps all the humans and everything in it in. Just like the plasma membrane keeps the organelles in. Elevator The Centriole can be compared to the elevator or a hotel because the elevator doors open for the people to get in just like the spindle fiber open during mitosis. The nucleolus in a cell creates and assembles ribosomes. A cell's cytoskeleton is the part of a cell that gives shape to it if it doesn't already have a cell wall and allows for cell movement. Cytoskeleton 11th Floor The Janitor The nucleolus can be compared to a janitor in a hotel because the nucleolus creates and assembles ribosomes and the janitor fixes everything wrong in a hotel. Structure The cytoskeleton can be compared to the structure of the hotel because its what gives the hotel shape like the cytoskeleton gives the cell shape.
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