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Style Guide

Introduction to style and identity

Kim Puchir

on 17 May 2010

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Transcript of Style Guide

Punctuation Capitalization Quotation marks Commas Periods
Book Titles Program Titles Serial commas:
Don't use a comma before AND or OR.

Apples, bananas and oranges

Introductory phrase:

In general, the organization prefers...

After years and states:

In a Jan. 26, 2003, article

The Charleston, W.Va, concert Put punctuation inside quotation marks.

“Did you see the play?” he asked. Exceptions: When the quotation marks belong to a title

Should I listen to his single,“Goodmorning”?

When writing in Spanish

Ella me dijo, "prefiero el café con mucho azúcar ". Italics Book, play and album titles

For emphasis Latin phrases ! Addresses Full addresses

Spell out Court, Drive, Road. etc.

Abbreviate Ave., Blvd. and St. with full address

My address is 5 Fifth Ave.

Use numerals for address numbers.

9 N. Meridian St.

Other numerals: Write 1-9 as words

132 Ninth Blvd.
Cities Check your list of U.S. cities that do not
need to be followed by their state

St. Paul, MInn.
New Orleans Check your list of international cities that
do not need to be followed by their country

Bombay, India
New Delhi Time Time
10 a.m.
To abbreviate United States
U.S. Apostrophes decades the '50s
the 1950s

NOT 50's
, Telephone numbers 1 (800) 555-5555 Tech terms e-mail
home page
Web page
The Web
website URLs
Don't use the http:// in front
No special formatting Partial Addresses Don't abbreviate

He lives on Fifth Avenue. Numbers in Addresses Numbers at the beginning of a sentence
Seventy percent of those who
Numbers one through nine

Write out Use numerals Numbers 10 and over

3 percent rather than 3%

Dollar amounts

Use in celebrations
NAMI's 25 Anniversary

Do not use in dates
Wednesday, March 5 th Style Guide Dates Never abbreviate
March, May, April, June and July

When used with specific dates
Jan., Feb., Aug., Sept., Oct., Nov. and Dec. Date ranges Dashes, no space

Oct. 2-8
2001-03 Strategic Plan

That is, in other words
The program in question, i.e. NAMIWalks...

For example
Flowers, e.g. crocuses, roses and daffodils

And others
The authors, Henderson, Menendez, Oliver et al., wrote... Board of Directors

The entire board was in attendance.

2010 NAMI Annual Convention

See you at the convention.

John Smith is the executive director of the organization.

Executive Director John Smith will lead the meeting. Professional Titles Why follow the Style Guide? It gives every facet of NAMI a consistent style
We all speak with more authority when we speak as one
Agreeing on best practices saves time

' Semicolons
; Put in between two related but independent thoughts.
The committee worked hard all week; they may
meet this weekend as well. The first word and every word except those fewer than 4 letters Hyphens

To separate non from words starting with n or m


Two or more words that express a single concept

Full-time job


A 3–4 chance

To separate -ly compound modifiers

fully operable

When the modifier is not an adjective

Her job became full time
- Em dashes are the size of an 'm'
are used to separate a parenthetical thought.

We prefer to say person living with
mental illness—not consumer—on the website. m En dashes are the size of an 'n'
separate numbers

From 1990–2004 n - Dashes
The Sound and the Fury
Our Town
An American in Paris
Singin' in the Rain NAMI HelpLine
NAMI Peer-to-Peer

Numbers Superscripts
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