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The Rio Grande Executive Boardroom

No description

Laura Velez

on 29 April 2010

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Transcript of The Rio Grande Executive Boardroom

The Rio Grande Executive Boardroom Discover the possibilites at Downtown Waco's Hilton. Looking for a professionally equipped venue to book your next meeting or conference? Having a difficult time finding a location that will best suit all attendees? Look no further. Our location in Downtown Waco is the perfect fit. Located in Central Texas we are the prime location for your meeting. Waco Hilton is easily accessible and within two minutes from I-35. The most well known highway in Texas. Lets talk about The Rio Grande Executive Boardroom. Newly renovated a year ago in September. Larger space with more technical advances. With a large conference table wired for technology, this boardroom stands above the rest.The room comes with internet adapters, electrical access, electronic digital board, LCD display TV, and pull down screen. The tables seat 14 comfortably in sophisticated high back leather executive chairs.
The operation of the room is simple. Just bring your own laptop and connect your USB and the presentation is set. There is a pull down screen and/or TV to display your presentation. If anyone had any questions or any special needs/requests, I will be available. Need something bigger to seat more than 14 people? That's okay. Our Hilton Meeting Room would be perfect. This room fits up to 24 people in a classroom setting for larger groups. Wooden tables have privacy panels that can fold up or down. Can be used to judge and privately score. Tables have electrical plug-ins. Room comes with a credenza with a refrigerator and a safe. The safe can fit up to three laptops. Room also comes with a digital easel. Want to know why we are better than the rest? Hilton Meeting Room E-Events An organizationl program that is unique to The Hilton chains. This is a website that Hilton Honor Members can access. Anyone can be a HHM. This membership gains access to block off 5-25 rooms for attendees to come to your meeting. If you block off a room and someone cannot attend, you are NOT held liable. Your attendees can also log on and RSVP and you are able to see all who have RSVP. Attendees are able to even obtain information about the group through the website......
5% discount Only full service hotel in Waco. We do not charge for tables, linens, chairs, food set up, or staff. Ideal Location Minutes away from the highway. Interested yet? If not.... You will be. Why would a Doctor have any need in The Rio Grande Executive Boardroom? Dr. Ken Cobbs Trauma Orthopedic Surgeon
You are constantly teaching continuing education type classes to other orthopedic surgeons.You teach these classes six to ten times a year. The places where these classes are held range from Miami to Las Vegas to Dallas. As you said, The Department of Justice is cutting down on the expenses of traveling for Doctors. Upper middle class facilities are the place where most of the classes will be more acceptable.Which makes The Hilton the most reasonable choice. You mentioned that the first half of the day would be lecture, and the second half of the day would be more geared to actually working on cadavers. In Waco the labs that you usually work in is in Baylor, the basement in the old Hillcrest Hospital, and Mc Lennan Community College. Being as how you are the only OTS in Hillcrest it would be difficult for you to travel as much as you would like. If you taught more at The Hilton, it would be possible for you to still be on call. Want to know more perks? It's affordable It is only $200 for an all day meeting, plus the 5% discount if any attendees were to book rooms. You will have more family and leisure time, because you would not be traveling as much. You would not have to be away for weeks at a time. You could be home in time for dinner. You stated that the position of the door is important to you. The conference room has a door that is on the opposite side of the presenter, that way interruptions will be kept to the minimum. Both rooms have plenty of space for your Professional Medical Education. Booking The Rio Grande Executive Boardroom is easy. Call at least 24 hours in advance and the room is yours. Many people have called in that very morning and had a room booked for the afternoon however, early in advance booking would ensure the room. I will walk you into the room and give you a tour. I will show you where all the adapters are and how to use them. As I mentioned earlier, most presenters have their own laptops with their information and just plug it in. What if we unable to book a conference room for the date that you would like to have your meeting? Not to worry, as I mentioned earlier, we have more options available. We do have the larger conference room available for you to have your meeting. The next meeting you plan would you book it in The Rio Grande Executive Boardroom? Thank you again for your time for attending my presentation. I hope to do business with you soon. If you have any further questions you may contact me by calling my direct line at (254)449-2218 or email laura.velez@hilton .com
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