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No description

Emily Bowen

on 5 May 2011

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Transcript of Surrealism

Surrealism The 3 W's what? when? why? Marcel du Champ 2 Schools Biomorphic Veristic Dalí more thought than the tangible The Persistence of Memory The Temptation of Anthony Un Chien Andalou automatism of an instant questioning of what/who defines art the fountain Most blatant with Freudian symbolism Time & Space Modernism The Bride Stripped Bare by the Bachelors Roots lay in prewar protests before WWI
"assaulted all fondly held political, social and artistic conventions, but did so as a definitely constituted movement"
Society's rejection of materialism.
Intends to elicit a psychological response from the viewer. The Edge Tower of Babylon Samuel Charnine René Magritte The Son of Man
artwork has bypassed conscious or rational thought;
that the forms and images were generated by the
subconscious, without the artist's control the images of the subconscious are undisturbed so that meaning could be understood through analysis. Pure psychic automatism with which one proposes to express the real process of thought, either orally or in writing, or in any other manner. Thought's dictation, in the absence of any control exercised by reason, outside any esthetic or moral concerns. John Miro Dutch Interior Yves Tanguy Mama, Papa is Wounded Max Ernst Europe After the Rain Impossible Spaces delusion of neverending time rejection of the rational DADAISM Freudianism Nocturne by John Miro The Exquisite Corpse by Ernst, Miro, Tanguy, Ray, and Breton Rene Magritte, The Treachery of Images Rene Magritte, The False Mirror Shepard Fairey's rendition of President Obama and his famous Obey sticker Anonymous British street artist Bansky Trademark Rat Stencil Famous phone booth "Elephant in the room" Pulp Fiction Humor Leaving his mark Making his own art Oedipus Rex by Max Ernst Birth of the New Man by Dali New ideas on human consciousness
Interpretation of dreams
Oedipus Complex
Symbolism of the unconscious "There is only one difference between a madman and me.
I am not mad." Surrealism remains a part of society today. Deciding
Art 1924 - Surrealist Manifesto, Andre Breton 1929 - Un Chien Andalou, Bunuel & Dali 1916 - Dada movement 1917 - Duchamp's fountain "...using dreams and their analyses to explore
the unconsciousness as a new source for
poetic imagery." Questions? comments? 1914 - World War I
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