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The Lead Qualification Machine

No description

Elliott Shultz

on 8 May 2013

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Transcript of The Lead Qualification Machine

The Lead Qualification Machine Why Pardot? The End! (where suspects come from) Suspects come in from tradeshows and member Organization Lists (the real work begins) The Sales Hand-off What Needs Work Opt-Out Strategy
Preference Center
Database Cleanup
Sales hand-off and accountability
DRIP Campaigns
ROI / Stat Tracking
Results Reporting Entering The Funnel Grades are based on explicit factors such as industry, company size, or job title
The grade aligns with how close the prospect is to the ideal customer profile
Can have multiple custom profiles Sending leads to NetSuite can happen automatically or manually.

Leads are assigned by geography The problem: We were dumping trade show lists into NetSuite, and the sales force, inundated with 1,000's of names, had no effective method to identify leads from suspects. Too much "chaff" and not enough "wheat" caused the sales force to start ignoring them (e.s. opinion). The Lead Qualification Machine The Solution: The Lead Qualification Machine would automatically qualify and nurture suspects into "Hot Leads," which would be delivered to sales. They would develop a Pavlovian Response to these leads, as they are "guaranteed" to be good. Grading and Scoring Each action is assigned a point value.
Each prospect is automatically scored based on emails read, white papers downloaded, web pages browsed, and other activities.
Automatically scoring leads based on their activity on your website provides hard, objective data in an otherwise subjective sales process. Finding the Good Ones Pardot Conversions:
When a visitor with a cookie submits a form, clicks a tracked link, or visits a landing page (from an email). Time spent in the lead qualification machine is determined by suspect's level of activity. The more interest a suspect has, the faster they move to sales.
We control this through grading rules, scoring rules, and profiles Length of Funnel The Beginning! (the Lead Qualification Machine runs on CONTENT!) Campaign Roundup
Training Emails
Website Downloads
Video Views (with WISTIA)
DRIP Campaigns Increasing the Score Automated processes that send a set of messages or content to sales leads at the right moment to move them through the sales cycle.

Drip campaigns allow you to consistently “touch” leads with relevant information based on time intervals, actions taken by prospects on your website, or other parameters, freeing up valuable marketing and sales resources without neglecting your prospects DRIP Campaigns Many Pardot clients are just starting out with marketing automation and have never created a drip program before. They have been sending email blasts for a long time, but the concept and execution of a drip program is different in theory and execution – plus it requires a bit of upfront planning. To help people get started with nurturing, we’ve created a drip program called 3-2-1 drip marketing. http://www.pardot.com/blog/getting-started-with-nurturing-the-3-2-1-strategy/
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