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No description

Kenton Carrier

on 21 August 2013

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Transcript of Irony

Kayla Bottom, Daisy Brosi, Blake Coffman, Kenton Carrier
At dinner one night George told Connie that he did not want to eat a hamburger, Connie said that she did not care. later that night when Connie served George a hamburger he replied "Thanks Connie I just love hamburgers!"
At meal or special-occasion
At school
Verbal Irony: " I can't wait to run this mile!"
The students are not really excited to run the mile
verbal irony
Situational Irony: High school drop out becomes a successful doctor.
You do not expect for a drop out student to be a doctor.
situational irony
Dramatic Irony: If one student knows there is a pop quiz but the rest of the students don't.
One person knows while others a clueless.
At a family Christmas gathering, no one thought that greedy uncle Chris would give anyone a present for Christmas, for he was greedy and never gave presents. When uncle Chris showed up with a bundle of presents everyone was astounded!
when a football player says "i feel like i just got hit by a truck"
At a family gathering no one the heart to tell poor cousin summer that Mamaw was sick prior to the event. When summer walked in and saw Mamaw in a wheel chair she burst into tears.
In Biography or
when a ceo says "money burning a hole in your pocket
When the wife of a solider of the losing side asked the solider how the war was going he replied "great!"
Verbal Irony: Shrek the movie when donkey says "Who wouldn't want to to live in a swamp." Donkey says this in a sarcastic tone.
Verbal- Traffjam
"I love this city, it's roads are alwas clear!"
Situational Irony: Batman- Miranda Tate/Talia Al Ghul turns out to be bad. The audience thinks that she is a good guy but turns out not to be.
In the Revolutionary war, no one expects the Americans to win against the British.
Everyone knows that the Titanic sinks, but when watching the movie or reading the book the characters do not.
Dramatic Irony: Titanic- the audience knows
that the ship will sink yet the characters have
no idea.
At the Supermarket
Situational- Cop caught Speeding
verbal- A child says to her mother, "yes mom i would love to eat veggies for diner tonight!"
Situational- No one expects that the overweight man would be buying all veggies.
Dramitic- The workers know that the costumers will slip and fall
Dramatic- Incoming Crash
The passenger sees the crash yet the driver does not
In a Film
roses are red
violets are blue
sugar is sweet
and so are you;
but the roses are wilting
the violets are dead
the sugar bowls empty
and so is your head.
In a poem
This is ironic because the poem is for the author's wife. He doesn't actually think she is dumb or not sweet. He was just teasing her and joking
Situational- The Rime of the Ancient Mariner
Water, water, everywhere
And all the boards did sink;
Water, water, everywhere
Nor any drop to drink.
This is ironic because there is water everywhere but there is nothing to drink. You ould think being dehydrated was the least of their worries.
Dramatic- Oedipus Rex
This is ironic because the entire epic is about Oedipus searching for the killer of King Thebes. The audience knows he killed the king but he does not
every time a hockey player scores on his own team
when a college scout comes to a game and everyone but the players know he's there.
when the wife comes inside she shuts the door and the audience knows it shut but the husband does not
a smoking advertisement next to a hospital advertisement
when a character is planning an attack
on another character and the reader
knows but the character doesn't
when a character says "oh great" when given an order
when a couple gives each other christmas gifts and both can not use them
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