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No description

reagan hodgeon

on 1 July 2014

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Transcript of Photography

Welcome to my Presentation. today I will be talking about my images that I taken for the start of Year 10 GCSE.
This is an SLR Nikon camera
This is the camera I'm using at the moment but soon I'm going to have my own
I did some test pictures and these are what I got of my Dog
We got my dog on
the seat and used
Dog treats to pose
him in the position

This is a profiled image
of my pet dog Gizmo
The Next Picture are just
Portraits of my dog
Portrait is a picture of People or Animals They are put in a background to change the scenery
David bailey
David bailey Is a good Photographer he does Portraits of people He does many poses and different types of scenery and styles.
Tim Flach
Tim Flach has done Portraits on animals like I did so I took inspiration from his work.
My work of Tim Flach
Richard Hamilton
Richard Hamilton is a photocollage photographer he does many different collages i'll show you some examples but he does all different ones he adds a see though wall and adding Comic like people in ordinary house scenery
Eduardo Paolozzi
Paolozzi is a famous photographer who based topic is collages he does many different types
This was homework for Rural Environment This is what I did.
My collages from
Trevor Leighton

Trevor Leighton is a photographer who takes photo of famous people pulling expressive faces. Here are some examples, he makes them high contrast and black and white to give the effect of emotion.
This is the expressive faces we did in the studio
Tiphanie Brooke
Tiphanie brooke is a Collage photographer. She is normally Called Anti Girl. We are currently working On her style of work and hoping to make a finish project of collages. Collages is diffrent photos to make a other image I will show some examples.

Urban cities homework
John Rankin
John Rankin
Irving penn is a photographer who focuses on texutres and pattern fetures of styles He is a well known person who unfortuanatly died at the age of 92.
John rankin is a photographer who specializes on Extreme make-up that can be powdered
paint, face paint etc. john was born in 1966 and he started photography when he was 24
My Trevor Leighton film
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