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No description

Joana Kaltenbacher

on 24 April 2018

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Transcript of Inselbegabung

4. conclusion
3.3 studies in Germany
no generalisation for the syndrome

mostly stems from a fault or injury on the left cerebral hemisphere

only few scientist working on that field

similar methods at university Göttingen
"transkranielle Gleichstromstimulation" (tDCS)

brain-regions exposed to continuous currents

3 minutes tDCS= activity increase of 40% for several hours
Savants are still a mystery

one savant story contradicts another

no general rule or cause for consternation
astonishing memory capacity, musical, mathematical, artistic, linguistic or visual talents

'astonishing' Savants - outstanding abilities

'talented' Savants - average talent which is remarkable
minding their disabilities
3. study status
2. people with savant syndrome
1. definition
autistic person with visual abilities

understands cows

studied experimental psychology in Illinois

designed the 'Grandin livestock handling system'

expert in ethology and on autism
2.1 Temple Grandin
Savant Syndrome
Temple Grandin
Inselbegabter mit erstaunlichem Erinnerungsvermögen
er bekam mit 10 Jahren einen Baseball an die linke Schädelhälfe
er steht Beispiel dafür, dass später hinzugezoge Hirnschäden Inselbegabung hervorrufen können
hat seit dem ein 'Kalender-Gedächtniss'
erinnert sich an jeden Wochentag zu seinem Datum, was der Wetterbericht war oder was er damals aß
2.3 Stephen Wiltshire
3.1 Allan Snyder
transcranial magnetstimulation

tests subject people before and after stimulation

become more creative and find solutions way faster
3.2 Geschwind-Behan-Galaburda Theory

theories on occurring during pregnancy

higher testosterone level during testicle development

hormonal interference altering lateralisation of the brain - left half is affected
1. definition
2. people with savant syndrome
2.1 Temple Grandin
2.2 Orlando Serrell
2.3 Stephen Wiltshire
2.4 Derek Paravicini
3. study status
3.1 Allan Snyder
3.2 Geschwind-Behan-Galaburda Theory
3.3 studies in Germany
4. conclusion
5. sources

artistic talent

started speaking with nine

draws detailed pictures of cities after overview fights

missing filtration of surroundings
5. sources

Expedition ins Gehirn Teil 1 Gedächtnis Giganten

Kim Peek
ca. 100 savants worldwide

50% are diagnosed with autism

6/7 are male

most times they are born with it

can occur later in life

hard to define a rule of thumb for the occurence
2.2 Orlando Serrell
huge memory

got hit by a baseball at the age of ten

example for postpartum affection

has a 'calender memory' since
2.4 Derek Paravicini

musical talent

premature infant

life-saving oxygen treatment left him blind

learned to play the piano at the age of four
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