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10 Most Important Events in Frankenstein

No description

Kevin Hodges

on 3 March 2014

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Transcript of 10 Most Important Events in Frankenstein

Event 9
The monster kills William and blames the murder on Justine. This causes Victor and his family great pain and anguish.
Event 4
Event 5
The monster tells Victor that he was shot after he saved a little girl from drowning in a river. The monster then swears eternal hatred and vengeance to all mankind.
Event 6
Event 7
Victor creates the monster from dead people's bodyparts, and is horrified at the sight of him, especially in the creature's lifeless eyes.
Event 2
Event 3
10 Most Important Events in Frankenstein By: Kevin Hodges
Event 1
Victor meets Professor Waldman, who encourages Victor to pursue his studies of Cornelius Agrippa, despite Professor Krempe's mocking of the subject.
When the monster tries to reach out to hug Victor, Victor regects the monster, showing him hate from the minute he was made.
Victor agrees to listen to the monster's story and the monster tells him of how he was rejected from a family whose love he desired. He then burns down their our of anger.
Event 8
Victor almost completes the second creature, but then decides to destroy it for fear that if he two creature's have children, they could destroy the human race. The monster threatens Victor and everyone he loves.
The monster asks Victor to create him a female creature like him, and then he will leave Europe forever. Victor agrees to do this.
The monster kills Henry Clerval and makes the murder be blamed on Victor. Victor is eventually found innocent, and returns to Geneva
Event 10
Victor writes to Elizabeth and promises her to tell her his secret about the monster on the day after their wedding has taken place.
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