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Present perfect and present perfect continuous

Write a short story using past perfect and perfect continuous, make sure to underline each one of them.

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Transcript of Present perfect and present perfect continuous

and Present Perfect Continuous
Present Perfect

* I have seen that movie twenty times.
* I think I have met him once before.
* There have been many earthquakes in California.
* People have traveled to the Moon.
* People have not traveled to Mars.
* Have you read the book yet?
* Nobody has ever climbed that mountain.
* A: Has there ever been a war in the United States?
B: Yes, there has been a war in the United States.
We use the Present Perfect to say that an action happened at an unspecified time before now. The exact time is not important. You CANNOT use the Present Perfect with specific time expressions such as: yesterday, one year ago, last week, when I was a child, when I lived in Japan, at that moment, that day, one day, etc. We CAN use the Present Perfect with unspecific expressions such as: ever, never, once, many times, several times, before, so far, already, yet, etc.
We use the Present Perfect Continuous to show that something started in the past and has continued up until now. "For five minutes," "for two weeks," and "since Tuesday" are all durations which can be used with the Present Perfect Continuous.

* They have been talking for the last hour.
* She has been working at that company for three years.
* What have you been doing for the last 30 minutes?
* James has been teaching at the university since June.
* We have been waiting here for over two hours!
* Why has Nancy not been taking her medicine for the last three days?
Present perfect continuous
Present perfect
1) Robin: I think the waiter (forget) us. We (wait) .
here for over half an hour and nobody (take) our order yet.

2) Michele: I think you're right. He (walk) by us at least twenty times. He probably thinks we (order, already) .

3) Robin: Look at that couple over there, they (be, only) here for five or ten minutes and they already have their food.

4) Michele: He must realize we (order, not) yet! We (sit) .
here for over half an hour staring at him.

5) Robin: I don't know if he (notice, even) us. He (run) .
from table to table taking orders and serving food.

6) Michele: That's true, and he (look, not) in our direction once.
In order to form a tense you must first understand that:
Verbs have four principal parts!
Present Participle
Past Participle
And they also fall into two separate catergories
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