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North Korea & South Korea

No description

Dana Verano

on 23 October 2014

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Transcript of North Korea & South Korea

Kim Il Sung
Division of Korea
Republic of Korea
Seoul- 2nd largest metropolitan area
Economy: 15th
50,219,669 inhabitants (2013)
Language: Korean
Fastest Internet download speed in the world: 17.5 Mbit/s
only nation that is completely broadband connected, at 100Mb.
South Korea
Democratic People's Republic of Korea (DPRK)
Economy: 125th
24,895,000 inhabitants (2013)
Language: Korean
Officially NOT COMMUNIST anymore.
Juche Ideology
Ruled by the Kim Dynasty since 1948
Last Stalinist regime
North Korea
Kim Il Sung
North Korea & South Korea
North and South Korea General Information and Interesting Facts
Colonial Period
Division of Korea
Korean War
Kim Il Sung
Surrender of Japan
38th Parallel
Stalin and Roosevelt divided the country.
North Korea -> Soviet Union
South Korea -> USA
Temporarily occupy the country
Provisional government talks FAILED.
Over a million family members have been separated.

June 25, 1950 - July 27, 1953
North Korea invaded South Korea
To reunify Korea under Communist control
USA and United Nations VS. Soviet Union
China entered the war
Truce Agreement
Forgotten War
April 15, 1912- July 8, 1994
Died from a sudden Heart Attack
Fought with the Soviet Army in the WW II.
Invasion to Korea: Kim´s plan
Communist Leader of North Korea
Eternal Leader
December 1972: Elected President
Juche Calendar- in honor for Kim Il Sung

1910-1945 (35 years)
To benefit from Korea's natural resources
Emperor Sunjong-> Abdicate his throne
March First Movement -> Proclamation of Independence
Forced the Koreans to speak Japanese.
Comfort Women
Korean Names -> Japanese Name
Comfort Women in the
World War II.
The land on the left side of the boundary in this picture belongs to South Korea while on the right side it belongs to North Korea
June-October 1950
June 25, 1950
June 25, 1950
North Korea invaded South Korea

South Korean President Syungman Rhee executed 100,000 people.

June-October 1950
June 27, 1950: The US and UN member countries joined the Korean War.

September 15, 1950: Took back Seoul from North Korea

October 19, 1950: US troops invaded Pyongyang.

October 25 1950: China joined the war.
Truce talks began on July 10, 1951 but was signed on July 27, 1953.
The building where the armistice was signed, now housing the North Korea Peace Museum.
Former Comfort Woman holding a picture of herself.
The building where the armistice was signed, now housing the North Korea Peace Museum.
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