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Dragon Boat Festival

Short presentation for Chinese class.

sheelagh bouvier

on 1 November 2012

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Transcript of Dragon Boat Festival

Presented by Raj and Sheelagh Introduction Brief history Description Short survey 5 questions Short clip: Dragon Boat Festival in SG A few snapshots Conclusion Dragon Boat Festival Results Have ever heard of the Dragon Boat Festival? Now that you know what the festival is about, would you like to come and attend it? "No, I would rather eat
durian than do that" Have you ever been to a Dragon Boat Festival? What do the respondents think? Demographics Av. age: 34 yrs old 62% Male - 38% Female Origins of the participants: 1) What is the name of the Chinese poet? 2) What are the two things people did to prevent the poet's body to be eaten? 3) What is the food item commonly eaten during the festival? 4) What groups of respondents were eager to take the survey? 5) How do the Chinese still pay tribute to the poet? Cite 2 examples. The play Scene 1 At Pamela's house Scene 2 In the park Scene 3 At the festival Thank you :) Raj, Sheelagh, Pamela, Diego, Mariana. * Qu Yuan, patriotic Chinese poet
(343- 290 BC)
* No. 1 adviser of Kingdom Chu
* Loyal to King and the country * Jealousy about his position amongst government
* Falsely accused by the government;
King loses trust
* Sent to exile
* Commits suicide due to helplessness * His "admirers" raised boats to recover his body, beat drums and threw rice dumplings.
* Each year, 5th day of the 5th Lunar month, people carry on with the tradition - Dragon Boat Festival. Zongzi
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