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You are stranded in southern Utah. Because

No description

Kafen Stowe

on 22 February 2014

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Transcript of You are stranded in southern Utah. Because

The Wonders of Southern Utah
The world has many deserts, but Utah is definitely in the top four. Utah's deserts are very unique to the rest of the worlds, from arches to valleys, from rivers to streams, Utah has it all. But what if you weren't sightseeing, but stranded.
Your Supplies:
Supplies are very important to survival. If you have no supplies, your chance of survival are diminished dramatically.
You Have:

A Jacket

A lighter

Your broken down Car

2 24 oz. bottles of water.
How you got there:
As you were driving to your Grandpa's house, your car broke down.
Your car broke down in Southern Utah
Southern Utah
From its arches and canyons, to its rivers to streams, Southern Utah is by far the most unique desert in the world! Even though it may sound like fun and games, imagine what it would be like if you were stranded there, alone.
Since you were traveling a long distance, you brought some supplies. This is what you brought:
A jacket

A lighter

Your car

Two 24 oz. bottles of water
By: Alex Thomsen and Kaden Stowe
One of the first things you will need to do is find shelter, and here are some ideas:
Your Car

Nearby Caves

Under a Cliff

Under a Tree

Large Bushes

Grandpa's House (Be with this choice, his house could be anywhere from one mile to fifty miles away.)
Even though southern Utah looks very hot, it can actually be very cold. In some deserts in Utah, the temperature can go into the negatives (not common, but true.)
Sunburns are also common, because of the lack of rain clouds and the lack of shelter.
Water is the by far THE MOST important thing in any survival situation. Not only will you die in 3 days from the lack of water, but water is very hard to get. In southern Utah, rainfall is very rare in order to get water when your bottles run out, you could collect the dew of off desert plants. Cactus also has water in it, so you could get water from there. Cactus is also a good source of food.
Food deprivation is a very common way of dying. One way to get food in the desert is from the local plants such as cactus. There are also nocturnal desert animals like big horned sheep, antelope, and mountain goats, which supply tons of food.
Southern Utah has many dangers, and if you get stranded, be aware of them. Here are a couple:
Poisonous Animals (Rattlesnakes, Scorpions, etc)


Tall Cliffs

Lack of Water

An Overheating Car


Your Grandpa
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