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Black Swan Green

No description

Black Swan Green

on 17 May 2013

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Transcript of Black Swan Green

Black Swan Green Summary The Swan: Change Symbols Characters - Jason Taylor:
Hangman,Unborn twin,Maggot: Jason's imaginary friends
- Dad: workaholic,Has been cheating on his wife and often has trouble expressing his feelings.
-Julia: Jason's sister, aren't close until the falling out between their parents.
-Mom: Worried about appearences.
-Dean Moran: "Moron" Jason's "best friend"
-Holly Deblin: Jason's first kiss
-Dawn Madden: Jason's "crush"
- Ross Wilcox: Dawn's ex-Boyfriend
-Nick & Tom Yew: Nick "popular,"
His older brother Tom died. Themes Acceptance:
Jason strives for acceptance from his peers and family (overcome bullies, spooks, stammering, poetry, sister calling him "thing")
Secrets Jason tries to keep from his peers (stammering, poetry)
Secrets his mother, father, and sister keep from Jason (Fathers affair)
“Secrets affect you more than you’d think. You lie to keep them hidden. You steer talk away from them. You worry someone’ll discover yours and tell the world. You think you are in charge of the secret, but isn’t it the secret that’s using you?” (Pg 346). Connections Jason’s Hangman: It is easy to relate to because even though his stutter is a physical flaw, his mind is the reason it occurs, and often people, both children and adults, have trouble conveying what they say in their mind out loud.
Jason’s Parents’ Divorce: In the 1980’s, divorce wasn’t nearly as common as it is in today’s age. Therefore, countless people can both sympathize as well as connect with Jason and Julia as they struggle with their parents splitting up, especially since the cause of the divorce was their dad committing adultery. Black Swan Green takes the reader through the life of Jason Taylor. Jason is a thirteen year old boy living in Black Swan Green, Worcestershire, England. Throughout the novel Jason faces different challenges including his parents divorce, bullying, and his stammering problem. Jason writes poetry for the local magazine under the name Eliot Bolivar. Jason also has diffrent personalities that give him positive and negative perspectives throughout the story. These personalities include Maggot, Hangman, and the unborn twin. Jason likes a girl named Dawn Madden who is dating Ross Wilcox. Ross always harassed Jason until Jason found and returned Ross's wallet, which finally got Ross off his back. Jason spends most of his time trying to fit in with other groups, and towards the end of the novel, he succeeds, until his parents inform him that he must move to a different school. The Swan symoblizes change because of the town joke and the timing that a swan actually shows up in relation to the changes in James' life. The Office: Father-Son Relationship The office is like a sacred, untouchable place during the novel and represents the hesistant relationship of Jason and his father in the beginning of the novel. Quotes january man hangman bridle path spooks rocks solarium souvenirs maggot knife grinder goose fair relatives disco Quotes “It'll be all right." Julia's gentleness makes it worse. "In the end, Jace."
"It doesn't feel very all right."
"That's because it's not the end.”

This quote displays how Jason and Julia are coming together as they are forced to deal with their parents’ divorce, whereas they previously fought with each other and didn’t often see eye to eye. “If you show someone something you've written, you give them a sharpened stake, lie down in your coffin, and say, ‘When you’re ready’.”

This quote is basically Jason describing his reasoning as well as his hesitation for not sharing his poetry with other people, aside from his submissions to the parish magazine under the pseudonym Eliot Bolivar.
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