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School of the Future: Personalization

No description

Suzanne Wolfinger

on 29 July 2014

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Transcript of School of the Future: Personalization

Knowledge, Sustainability, and Technology Mastery
KSTM Global Academy
The world is open
Collaborative learning
Learning analytics
Core Learning Capabilities
Personal Mastery
Mental Models
Shared Vision
Team Learning
Systems Thinking
Personalized Learning
Flight simulators to teach STEM

Real life digital simulations

Collaboration, socialization, creativity
The iPad is a game changer..
tablets are Interactive, adaptive and dynamic which contributes to personalizing computing.

tablets shift students from traditional learning to a more personalized learning; therefore a higher learning.

the use of tablets encourage students to try new things and to come up with new ideas no matter how crazy they seem.

students don't have to wait until they get back into the classroom the next day to ask for help. tablets allow them get to collaborate with other students and teachers at any time.

tablets foster continued learning.
Using tablets not only allow students to collaborate with their friends from school..
The "classroom"

Reality versus vision

Embrace the adjacent possible

KSTM Academy

group hall
cluster seating

and they get to talk to new friends from the UK
they get to learn outside of the classroom
most importantly, the iPad has allowed students to have 21st century resources around the world.
technology in every room
KSTM Global Academy
Leverage technology to integrate
personalization and sustainable learning

Blended learning model using a variety
of technology

Dynamic data used for personal
learning plan

Sustainable environment
The Near Future
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