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South America

History 9th

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Transcript of South America

South American Plants
Banana Tree
South American Wildlife
South America
A Couple Interesting Facts
South American Weather And Topography
Countries of South America
Lots of foods are used for cooking in South America, like...
Potatoes have been rivals with corn for most used crop in South America.
Tropical Fruit
Tropical Fruit is used mainly in dessert, but it also spices up many other dishes.
The biggest part of South American cooking.
Queso Blanco
A big part of South American cooking.
Used a lot in Brazil, used to make Farfoa
How to make Queso Blanco!
South American Plants and Animals
South America
Works Cited
South American Animals
South America has many different extreme climates and terrains allowing for a large number of different animal species to exist.
Many of these animals are unique to South America
Over 3,000 species of birds are in South America.
Sadly, the habitat of many South American Animals are being destroyed
This is Gramma
Blue Poison Dart Frog
There are 12 countries in South America, which are Brazil, Argentina, Paraguay, Uruguay, Chile, Bolivia, Peru, Ecuador, Colombia, Venezuela, Guyana and Suriname. There are also 3 major territories which are French Guiana, the Falkland Islands and the Galapagos Islands.
Queso Blanco
Tropical Fruit
Golden Lion Tamarin
Typical Occupations
South American Weather
South American Topography
the daily experiences of south americans are heavily influenced by gender, ethnic identity, and the interaction of social or economic factors
Gramma Chicken
Landforms of South America
South American Landforms:
South America has a vast variety of habitats for plants.
There are rainforests, savannas, pampas (flat plains), swamps, forests, and caatingas (very dry area were cacti grow).
Rainforests are heavily populated with plants.
There are 2500
different species of tree alone
in them.
Iguazu Falls, Argentina
Per­ito Moreno Glac­ier, Argentina
These are only few of the most amazing landmarks in South America!
Jobs usually are 6 days a week and for very long hours each day
Free time is usually spent with family
Many counties of South America are in poverty. Although the main industries are mining, agriculture, and industrial industries. Others include oil, foreign trades, farming and agriculture. countries like Brazil have mainly the jobs/industries of mining, agriculture, and industrial industries, other countries like Uruguay and Paragay have more industries like farming and agriculture. This is while Venezuela and Ecuador are big in the oil industry. Many countries' economies constantly rise and get lower.
For Instance:
typical south american clothing include :
Thank You for watching!
We hope you don't have a test on this!
traditional dresses and ponchos for women
The Amazon basin is very wet, but Chile has some extremely dry desert-like qualities.
South America has the following topographic areas
The Continental Shield
This area is made up of the Brazillian Highlands and the Guianea Highlands.
ponhos and usually loose fitting clothes to do hard and laboring work
occasional storms will hit and cause catastrophic damage
some days it will be sunny and humid, but still look very nice on pictures
Mostly, the climate of South America is hot and wet. This however is a generalization because the climate changes depending on where you are on the continent.
The Cordillera
This area parallels the Pacific Ocean and is composed of the Andes.
The Interior Lowlands
This is pretty self explanatory. This area is composed of the lowlands going down the middle of the continent
Notohypsilophodon is thought to be the only hypsilophodont dinosaur from South America. This fact is questionable though, due to the fact that Gasparinisaura may have been a basal euornithopod also.
Video Game Industry
Recently the Video game industry in Latin America has started becoming a much bigger market than it once was. "Regnum Online" is one of the most popular titles
The Tallest Recorded Tree in South America is 63.60 m
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