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Gender and education

No description

Mark Bennett

on 20 February 2013

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Transcript of Gender and education

AS Sociology

SCLY2 - Education

Gender and education Overview:

Pre-1990s = female underachievement

Post-1990s = male underachievement Social change and gender In-school? Extra-school? Female role models

Equal opps

Policies - GIST; WISE

Teacher expectations

Girls and pro-school

Intro' of coursework

National curriculum
(1988) Economic change

'Feminisation' of work /
loss of 'male' jobs

Impact of Feminism

Changes in the family - e.g.
single parent families

Gender socialisation Explanations for gender differences
in achievement -

Note 5 explanations.... Sue Sharpe - 'Just Like A Girl'
(1976; 1992) Interviewed working class
girls in 4 secondary schools in Ealing London

1976 -

Girls' priorities were marriage, having
children and 'settling down'

Returned to the same schools in 1991 and repeated the study:

1992 -

Priorities had shifted to educational success,
careers and achieving financial independence Reasons for change?

Decline in marriage

Risk and insecurity

Economic opportunities
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