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Cuba is a communist state. It is under the dictatorship of Raul Castro. I Chose Cuba because I have never known anything about Cuba, also, some of my friends are Cuban..

Betsy Ritter

on 21 April 2010

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Transcript of Cuba

Cuba.. Landforms Sierra de Trindad Mountains Atlantic Ocean Cauto River Climate.......
Subtropical Population.....
11,204,735 Historical Site....
Cathedral Of Havana One of the first buildings to be restored was the Cathedral of Havana. It was constructed in the 18th century by the Jesuit order Bodies Of Water.. Language....
Spanish.! Capital... Havana.! Facts On The Flag Of Cuba.! The red triangle symbolizes the blood shed in the fight for freedom from Spain. The blue stripes stand for Cuba's three provinces. Bay Of Pigs. Caribbean Sea. Bay Of Nipe Five Facts On Cuba Butterfly Jasmine is the official Flower of Cuba. The national Bird of Cuba is the Tocororo , or the Cuban Trogon. The National tree of Cuba is the Royal Palm. Fidel Castro, the brother of Raul Castro, (The past Cheif of State), Is now the Cheif of State after his brother died. The Cauto River is the longest river in Cuba.
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