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A Chip of Glass Ruby

No description

sarah vanveen

on 17 September 2015

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Transcript of A Chip of Glass Ruby

A Chip of Glass Ruby
Nadine Gordimer
In the small home that held them all there was no room for privacy.

A Chip of Glass Ruby is a short story by Nadine Gordimer.

Mrs. Bamjee
"Mrs. Bamjee said, with a smile that showed the gap of a missing tooth but was confident all the same."
This quote shows that Mrs. Bamjee is humble, and yet prideful, she understands that beauty is more than the outward appearance.
"And her body was as scraggly and unimportant as a dress on a peg when it was not host to a child..."
The son, Jimmy, is introduced right away, but the girls are just mentioned as girls, they have lines in the story, but because they are girls we never learn their names, all we learn about is their appearance. This really says a lot about the setting of the story.
These words are thought by her husband, and they show how the values in the family system work.
The idea that a women is only important/beautiful if she is carrying a child, as if that is all
she is useful for.
"He was used to coming home and finding his wife sitting at the table deep in discussion with strangers or people whose names were familiar by repute .... and he was flattered, in a suspicious way, to meet them in his house."
Mrs. Bamjee is a women who is not afraid to say what she wants and to make a difference. She doesn't care that its dangerous and that she's a woman, which is frowned upon in that society
"She had always treated Bamjee as if it were only a mannerism that made him appear uninterested in politics."
She never acts like she's strange or out of the ordinary for being so passionate in politics. She never acted as if he was uninterested.
"She was up until long after midnight, turning out leaflets."
This shows that shes a hard working women and she's very determined. When she cares about things she puts everything into it.
She knew at once who was on the other side of the door. Although she was not surprised, her hands shook like an old person's.
Even though she knew who was on the other side, she opened the door. She is a very proud person.
"She had her head at the slightest tilt to one side, as if to ward of a blow, or in compassion."
"It's because she doesn't want anybody to be left out. It's because she always remembers; remembers everything- people without somewhere to live, hungry kids, boys who can't get educated-remembers all the time. That's how Ma is."
She cares more about others than herself. She constantly puts everyone else first. She is selfless and cares about everyone.
Mr. Bamjee
Mr. Bamjeet is a fruit and vegetable hawker, which means that he goes on the street and sells fruits and vegetables, waking up at four every morning to get to the market at five.
"But Bamjee had never caught his wife out in any presumption; she behaved properly...once her business ... was over she would never, for instance, have sat down to eat with them."
Mr. Bamjee treats Mrs. Bamjee like a child, like she must be careful how she acts, as if she is not an adult.
"The woman was going off to prison because of the natives."
His wife is going to jail, and he refers to her as "the woman". He doesn't respect her, he doesn't treat her
like his wife.
"There you are!" He shouted, standig away from her. "That's what you've got for it. Didn't I tell you? Didn't I? That's the end of it now. That's the finish. That's what it's come too."
His wife is going to jail, and he's yelling at her, as if he had warned her and she went ahead and broke a rule anyway, like she was a child.
Their father did not say a word to any of them; their talk, the crying of younger ones and the argumentive voices of the older.
His wife is going to prison, his children are without a mother, and they are in a state of panic and confusion. He doesn't help, he doesn't carry, all he feels is anger for Mrs. Bamjee.
"He knew why he had desired her, the ugly widow with five children, he knew it was the way she was not like the others."
It introduces the chareters, Mrs. Bamjee, and Mr. Bamjee. You get to know the setting, the building but also the mindset of where they live.
Rising Action
You learn the type of women that Mrs. Bamjee is, you see how pasiionate she is,and how much she cares. You also see how Mr. Bamjee feels about the way that she acts.
Mrs. Bamjee is arrested. Mr. Bamjee is upset because he was left with the kids, and he has to take care of everything.
Falling Action
Mr. Bamjee is upset because he has to care for the kids, and that his wife is still in jail. The kids are worried because they think their mom is on a hunger fast to protest.
Mr. Bamjee realizes why his wife is so interested in problems, because she wants to help everyone, and he remembers why he married her.
We don't learn that much about the house, just that it was small. This is not what's important in this setting, what is important
is the mindset.
"This was not a thing other Indian women would have in their homes, he thought bitterly; but then his wife was not like other people"
"Heaven knew, of course, who came and went in the house during the day"
"She knew at once who was on the other side of the door."
The duplicating machine was gone from the sideboard.
Sometimes to do good things, and to stand strong in your views, you have to be alienated and have to give up something.
The setting effects these characters because where they are, women are not respected or treated well. This means what Mrs. Bamjee was brave and out of the ordinary.
Thank you for watching
such well
drawn hair
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