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Lord of the Flies: Survival Guide 101

No description

Annasha benavidez

on 7 October 2014

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Transcript of Lord of the Flies: Survival Guide 101

a 12ft rope
a suitcase
2 pairs of pants
2 pairs of socks
a tooth brush
a fishing line
a seat cushion from the crash
a flashlight with 2 batteries that no longer works
a single blade pocket knife
a pair of spectacles/glasses
an 8x12 piece of metal from the plane
Hunting For Food
Create fire to weld the 8 x 12 sheet of metal to the shape of the teepee
Place sheet on the outer layer of mud on your teepee and place leaves and more mud to help protect you in a storm
Avoiding sicknesses, and/or death.
Annasha Benavidez
Katie Caldwell
Olivya Egilmez
Strip a portion of the rope to use as a trap.
Use some rope, a stick, and a sharp rock to make a spear to kill the Boar.
Use sticks and logs to make a fire
Make a teepee using the natrual resources on the island.
Use suitcase to store the extra food, not meat because meat will easily rot
hang meat at high levels so animals can't reach it
Use the knife to cut up both pairs of pants to lay on the floor of the teepee.
Use the flash light without the batteries to make a cup, clean it out daily in the freshwater.
Use the cushion from the plane as as bed on the 2 pairs of pants you laid down.
Use the fishing line to catch fish.
Use the toothbrush to brush your teeth.
Use the spectacles/glasses as a tool to start your fire.
To start fire with spectacles/glasses you have to point them up to the sun where the reflection can get to it. If that fails, rub two sticks together to make friction between the two.
Greenkit Island
13 and 14 year old girls hunt using their tools
10 to 12 year old girls scavenge for fresh water, and fruits using baskets woven from dead leaves, and honey from the bees.
Use the batteries found in the flashlight to use as a hunting tool to hit the animals with.
Fresh Water Source
Danger Zone
Boar, deer, and other wild animals reside in this forest
No eating leaves
No eating suspicious berries
Cleanse daily in clean water
No drinking ocean water
Stay away from animals if not hunting
Please cook meat until no pink can be seen
Dig latrines at least 50 feet away from your Teepee.
Weather Protection-
Rules are enforced by democratically elected officers.
If you steal food, you get minimal food for 2 days.
If you take more water than you need, minimal water for 2 days.
If you decide to commit treason or to betray the group, you shall have to leave the group and survive on your own for three days. Whether you are to be let back in to camp or not will be decided amongst the officers.
If you fight with the other group members, you will have to sit in the box of shame for an hour no matter what your age.
If you fail to do your job you shall have to serve your job and do someone else's job for them.
If you are to leave your teepee after dusk, you shall not be allowed back in until dawn
Danger Zone
Danger Zone:
There are things here that we don't
know about or how safe it is.


Created By:
Animal/Insect Protection-
Create fly traps using honey and smelly objects
Create animal traps using rope and rocks
If all else fails, hide in the teepee and make NO noise
Make as little noise or commotion as possible
Sea water is dangerous to drink or swim in
Rules and Responsibilities
No leaving the teepee after dusk
No theivery of food or water
No fighting
12-14 years old- Hunt the food
10-11 years old- Gather the food
7-8 years old- Keep watch of camp and the young children
6-5 years old- Keep watch of resources
Major Rights
Every survivor has the right to-
Right to Privacy
RIgh to a sheltered area to rest under
Freedom of Speech
Freedom of Religion Practice
Right to a daily meal
Right to fresh water
Danger Zone
Volcanoes are very dangerous. Stay far away.
How to use the tools will be shown through out the presentation.
Danger Zone
Do not eat any fungi! You don't know if it is poisonous or not
This is our camp
Latrine holes
Medical protection:
Use your knife to cut the socks up to be a gauze or a bandaid.
If you have no more socks to use, spiderwebs (as scary as they are) can be as a bandaid and heals wounds much faster
Aloe should be used to cure sunburns, burns and as a moisturizer.
Use the sage on the island to help heal stomach, kidney and colon problems.
If you have a cut that doesn't need medicine on it, then go put some fresh water on it.
To wash your hands you should go to the freshwater source and wash them.
5 people per hut
Must be far away from camp and food supplies
excess food is stored in the hut and on nearby trees
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