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2001: A Space Oddyssey

No description

bob saggot

on 21 April 2010

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Transcript of 2001: A Space Oddyssey

2001: A Space Oddyssey Directed By: Stanley Kubrik What's it about? 2001: A Space Oddyessy can be
broken down into 4 parts:
The Dawn of Man
The Lunar Journey
Jupiter Mission
Beyond the Infinite Director
Stanley Kubrick mouthswiredshut.wordpress.com July 26, 1928 - March 7, 1999
Although nominated on several
occasions, Stanley Kubrick has only
won an Oscar for the special effects
on 2001: A Space Oddyssey.
Also directed:
A Clockwork Orange (1971)
Dr. Strangelove (1964)

"most original, provocative, and
visionary pictures ever made." imbd.com Cinematographer Geoffrey Unsworth www.cinematographers.nl 1914 - 1978

Geoffrey won many awards,
including 5 British Society of Cinema-
tographers Awards, 3 BAFTA's, and 2
Academy Awards.

Worked mainly in sci-fi and period pieces,
and worked in over 90 feature films over
the course of 40 years. wikipedia.com Characters Keir Dullea (Dr. Dave Bowan) Born 1936, in Cleveland, Ohio

Keir played a number of small roles
in films, but prefers Broadway to film.
Acted onstage in the plays:
Butterflies Are Free
Cat On A Hot Tin Roof
P.S. Your Cat Is Dead!

Funded a theatre workshop with his
wife in 1983, but never did much
acting after that. Douglas Rain (HAL 9000) trekexpo.net ducatimonster.com wikipedia.com Born 1928 in Winnipeg, Canada

Rain's only other film appereance
was in 2001's sequel, 2010, where
he again voiced the villian HAL.

Rain, however, did get nominated
for Broadway's 1972 best supporting
actor for his performance in
Vivat! Vivat Regina! imbd.com Historical Context (Hooray!) The Space Race The U.S. vs The Russians

Dave vs HAL 9000? Vietnam Senseless violence in Vietnam
comparable to HAL killing 4
out of the 5 crew members? Social Commentary on Technology Fear of technology soon becoming
more intelligent than we are, making
us obsolete. Film Techniques Technology The technology that Stanley
Kubrick used to make 2001
was considered groundbreaking,
and included projection, green
screen, and 30-ton rotating "ferris

"A pioneer in special effects" wikipedia.com Filming Style Heavy emphasis on imagary, with
less than 30 minutes of dialogue in
a 2 and a half hour movie.

2001 created many iconic scenes that
are still referenced in pop culture today imbd.com Awards Nominated for 4 Acadamy Awards,
including Best Visual Effects, Best
Screenplay, Best Director, and Best
Art Direction, 2001 only won for
Best Visual Effects.

Why We Liked/Disliked It Liked
Visually pleasing
HAL as a great villian Disliked
Lack of Dialogue
Long Works Cited mouthswired.wordpress.com
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