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Are You Still a Slave?

No description

zakia royster

on 24 March 2011

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Transcript of Are You Still a Slave?

Are You Still a Slave?

Zakia Royster
Mrs. Storm Foreman
AP English Thesis: Today although the shackles and chains have been removed the slave way of thinking has been passed down to today’s new generation. Black people are culturally and individually still slaves. AFRICANS BEFORE SLAVERY The early Africans before slavery were king and queens people of royalty, There were chiefs and civilizations built of working structure years before white people came to Africa. The early men and women in African built pyramids and buildings. The True Religion OR cHRISTIANITY Traditional Religion Christianity was not always the primary religion of the African slaves. Back in Africa Africans practice a traditional religion. Death Ships Slaves called the slaves ships "Death Ships" Death spirit walked among the living. Overseers beat out the traditional religion when slaves would react to seeing the spirits of dead captives. AFRICANS BEFORE SLAVERY The New Beliefs Captured Africans either submitted to enslavement and Christianity with the feeling that there was nothing they could do about it and to look for ways to literally or spiritually commit suicide.
-S.E. Anderson “As a people we are possessed,we let another spirit take possession of our mind and bodies”.
-Amos N. Wilson "Blacks cannot identify with any other religion but the one handed to them from slaves masters Christianity".
-Amos N. Wilson The New Beliefs The New Beliefs The lost history of black culture's true religion will always leave African- Americans spiritually confused and connected to white peoples’ beliefs. The New Beliefs Slave Family Girls Boys Trading Places The Past The Present Ideal Black Family Middle class Minority Modern Day Black Families Single Mothers Perspective PERSPECTIVES Black women: Ungrateful
full of drama messed SELF-ESTEEM Black Men: Irresponsilbe Fathers
substandard caregivers
cheap breadwinners
lousy husbands/mates
worst communicators
violent Do We Hate Ourselves Ideal Look Degrading Oneself Self-pride Ideal Look Plastic surgery Weaves/permed hair Bleached skin Degrading Oneself Pride For Sale Role Models Youth Culture Gerneration Curse Conclusion:Slave mentality still affects African- Americans today. Africans endured harsh treatment in slavery. Treatment that made black people develope a way of thinking of self- hatred as in individual and as a culture. Work Cited
Anderson, S.E.: The Black Holocaust for beginners. New York:
Writing and publishing Inc. 1995

Wilson, Amos N.: Afrikan- Centered Consciousness Verses the New World Order:
Garyism in the Age of Globalism. New York: Afrikan World Info system 1999

Wright, Kai: The Afrikan –American Experience. New York:
Black Dog and Leventhal Publisher Inc. 2001

Ragsdale, Gwen: My Slave Sister Myself. Lest We Forget Museum of Slavery

Google Images Thank You Any Questions? Big Luther Big Luther
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