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Argument Beyond Essay

No description

Andy Schoenborn

on 12 February 2018

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Transcript of Argument Beyond Essay

Unpacking the Language of the Common Core Standards for Argumentative Writing
What's the biggest difference in the language in ELA versus another subject area?
Claim - a statement that is presented as fact; the central argument.

Evidence - information that shows, proves, or gives reasons for making a judgment.

Reasons/ Warrants - statements or facts that justify or explain an action, decision, or belief.

Counterclaim - a statement or assertion opposing the writer’s original claim.

Rebuttal - the disproving of the validity of the counterclaim.
Argumentative Writing Terminology
Reading and Evaluating an Argumentative Text
1. What is the author claiming?

2. What evidence does the author present to back their claim?

3. What reasons does the author give to justify their claim?

4. What counterclaim does the author acknowledge?

5. What kind of rebuttal does the author use to refute the counterclaim?

6. What makes this an effective or ineffective argument?
Creating an Argumentative Text: PSA
Message: The importance of argumentative writing skills.

●Target Audience: Your students

●Media: Video Public Service Announcement

●Your assignment: Produce and edit a message that argues for the development
of argumentative writing skills in all subject areas.

●Length: Approximately 30-60 seconds.

STEP ONE: Organize your argument
1. My Claim:

2: My Evidence:

3. My Reasoning:

4. Counterclaim to acknowledge:

5. My rebuttal for the Counterclaim:

STEP TWO: Create a storyboard for a PSA that conveys my argument.

STEP THREE: Film or produce the PSA

STEP FOUR: Upload and edit PSA

Samples of PSAs
Argument Beyond Essay
Kent ISD
June 26-27
Chippewa River Writing Project
Argumentative Writing
Kent ISD
June 28th
Chippewa River Writing Project
PSA Showcase
"The process of working through an argument is the process of inquiry." - George Hillocks, Jr.
Choose activities that allow participants to exercise some control.

Select tasks that have clear goals and objectives.

Select tasks that students can concentrate on because they are appropriately complex for their present abilities.

Select tasks that provide clear feedback.

Plan learning experiences around tasks that our students have a chance of completing in the time available.
Planning for Active Engagement and Flow
Amanda Smoker and Andrew Schoenborn
Amanda Smoker and Andrew Schoenborn
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