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Serial Killers

No description

Maia Gibson

on 27 January 2014

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Transcript of Serial Killers

Serial Killers
Famous Serial Killers
Jeffery Dahmer- killer, cannibalism, necrophilia
Joseph Paul Franklin- killer, racism
Albert Fish- killer, molesting, cannibalism
John Wayne Gacy- “Killer Clown”, killer, hid bodies

Motivation for Killing
The “Thrill”
Sense of Power
To “rid the world of evildoers”

Nature vs Nurture: Nurture
Thesis Statement
Original Thesis Statement:
“Both nature and nurture play an equal role in the development of a serial killer.”
Revised Thesis Statement:
“Nurture plays a larger role than nature in the development of a serial killer.”
Nature vs. Nurture: Nature
Chromosome Abnormalities
MAOA gene
Associated with anti-social behavior
Associated with low orbital cortex activity
Nurture (environmental factors) may be a trigger of gene
If gene is not present, individual will be very unable to contain emotions
Experience Low Orbital Cortex Activity
Less suppression of emotion in normal behaviors

A serial killer is a person who:
Murders 3 or more people
At least 3 separate events
“Cooling off” period between kills.

What does it mean to be a serial killer?
Most serial killers experience childhood abuse
Child abuse is more prevalent in serial killers than society in general
Abuse can trigger chromosome abnormality
Killers never have ability to develop attachment to world, due to neglect/abuse
Choice of victims is different in each killer, because of the person(s) that may have abused serial killer as a child
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