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No description

Jimena Roque-Luna

on 23 November 2015

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Transcript of Otzi

This is a biography about Otzi. Who was born in 3,300 b.c.

Questions I have For Otzi

Otzi was famous because he was the oldest man found. One interesting fact about Otzi was that Otzi was named when he was found in the Otzal Alps. Also when he was discovered people found an arrow in his body. Otzi was also generous and carried his friend when he was injured. Otzi was also prepared and had a first aid kit. One thing that you should know about Otzi is that he saved his friend.
Biography Recommendation
I recommend this biography because it can help you learn a little bit about Otzi, and maybe you can find out things that you didn't already know. I recommend this to the people that like learning new things, and that like things about over 3,000 years ago.
Influence On The World
Otzi changed the world by making technology. If he never made technology we would've never had so much technology. What we should remember about Otzi is that was very helpful, and helped us improve technology.
1. What is your real name?
2. Did you play any games when you were little?
3. Why were you in the world?

Character Traits

A character trait for Otzi is resourceful. I know this because he used his resources to make things. The next character trait for Otzi was smart because he knew how to make tools and helped make technology.
The next character trait for Otzi is helpful because he helped his friend when he was injured. He is helpful to us because he helped us make technology so we can learn new things.
Something I Learned
Something I learned about Otzi is that he was really smart because he made tools and they actually worked. A lesson for me is that we can all advance technology.
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