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The rise and fall of Hitler.

History hw

hannah freeman

on 22 April 2012

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Transcript of The rise and fall of Hitler.

The Rise and Fall of Hitler. "The only thing necassary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing." Edmund Burke 1729-97. Infant Hitler. Hitler was born on the 20th of April 1889 in the small Austrian town of Braunau near the German border. He lived with his parents. He disliked his father who reguarly beat him when he misbehaved. His father died when he was only 13, and he left home at the age of 15 Hitler to become an art student. Adolecent Hitler. After moving out, Hitlers mum developed brest cancer dieing shortly after. She had been treated by a Jeweis doctor and some sources believe that this was a factor in his hatred for Jews. Hitlers half sister offered to care for him; he refused, consequently becoming unemployed and homeless. Inheritance. On his 18th birthday, he inherited a large sum of money, which he used to go to Munic. Shortly after ariving, war broke out forcing him to join the German army. WorldWar1. Hitler was promoted to a corperal shortly after joining. Hitler also won a Iron Cross, similar to the Victoria Cross of the British army. Unfortunatly, he was temporily blinded in a gass attack; whilst in hospital, the war was declared lost. The German Workers party. Once recovered, Hitler joined the Anti Allied forces. He was invited to attend a meeting of the "German Workers Party." The begining of Hitler's rule. Interupting the meeting of the "German Workers Party", he was requested to speak at the next gathering, sharing his views publicly. Following this debate he preached reguarly about eliminating the Jews; suprisingly,suported by lots of German people. Hitler the speaker. Hitler became so popular he required large halls and audiotoriams. As he became more publicly known by the day his support inceased substantially. The Nazi Party. After increasing in popularity, he formed his own party, calling it the Nazi party. Using his artistic skils, he designed the Nazi flag. Many German's joined his party. Hitler wanted to start a revolution which focused mainly on abolishing the Jews from Germany. The Attack of Munic. On the 8th November 1923 Hitler launched an attack on Munic using Nazi troops. The attack failured and he was sentenced to 5 years in prison but served only nine months. Hitler's Imprisoned. During his time in prison, Hitler wrote a book called, "Four and a half years against stupidity, lies and cowardness." It only sold about 5,000 copies due to collapse of the German economy inturn the currency became worhtless., A countryside escape. After nine months of imprisonment, Hitler moved to the countryside, inviting his half sister and niece Gali to join him. Hitlers Retern to Munic. Hitler returned to Munic with his niece, re-joining the Nazi party, to lead it once more. The Rise of Hitler. In the general election on 14th September 1930, the Nazi party won 170 seats becoming the 2nd largest political party in Germany. Gali. Hitlers niece Gali couldn't cope with her uncles cruelty, consequently commiting suiside. Chancellor Hitler. Following many elections, he finally became Chancellor, the second most powerfull position in the goverment. Gaining a lot of power. The Enabling Act Hitler introduced a new act called the Enabling act. With this, he intended to allow the goverment to carry out "necessary prosingers" against terroism. It included restrictions to human rights, such as: freedom to speak and even priversy of phone calls. Many people disagreed with the act but there was little that they could do without being killed. Concentration camps. Once the prisons were full, Hitler used concentration camps. Later on in his rule, he began to put Jews, gypseys, coloured people and even homosexuals into the camps. The Hitler youth. Once powerful, he formed "The Hitler youth", of which our current Pope was a member. Hitlers ideal was for all people to have blond hair and blue eyes, dispite not possesing these qualities himself. Other desirable qualities were: cleverness, strengh and enthusiasm. Hitler wanted to bread a perfect race. Boys Activities. Some activities offered in the Hitler youth for boys included: camping, orientering, hiking, swimming, caneoing plus different sports. The aim was to make them good soldiers in later life. Girls Activities. Girls were also encoraged to join "The Hitler Youth", however, the actives differed. They included: sewing, cooking, baking, ironing, cleaning and even caring for children. Unlike boys, girls were solely reproductive and useful around the house. Sexest divide. During Hitlers reign, there was a clear sexest divide. Acording to Nazi idiology, "men were productive and creative in the politics of war;were as women were purely reproductive and useful around the house, they were not expected to have a job as women working was frowned upon." Jews and the Holocaust. Jews were portraid as villains and forced to wear a yellow star of David to show their religion. Laterly, all Jews were sent to concentration camps and exicuted by the Nazi's or killed by some of the many diseases in the camps, such as typhoid, colera and malnutrition. The start of WW2. Hitler wanted to re-unite Germany and Austria once more; however, this was not suported by the Allied forces as they precieved it would make Germany too powerful. However, the two countries united. A further ambition was to invade Poland, despite the opposition from the Allied forces. He invaded Poland thus WW2 was declared Hitlers biggest mistake. Because of all of the recent sucess in the west, the Nazis thought that they could use Russia's surply of oil to aid their sucess. The German army attacked Russia in the middle of winter, putting them at a huge disadvantage. The Nazi troops were unable to survive the brutal conditions therefor, forcing them to fall back; and lose all the land they had won, which had cost many lives. More mistakes for Hitler. After the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbour, the US army joined in the war. This was yet another grave mistake that Hitler's allies made. Meanwhile, British troops had been sent to Northen Africa to stop Germany's advance on Egypt. In November 1942, the Allies won a decisive battle in Egypt . D-Day at last. On the Easten front, Russian troops were slowly driving the Germans back to Germany. A seconcd front was opened on D-Day June 6th, 1944 with the Allied invasion of Normandy. The Germans launched a counter offence but were forced to retreat in January 1994. The Fall of Hitler. The Soviet army began to March towards Berlin. The Allies reached the German border by December; and by March the Allies had crossed the Rhine and the Soviets had reached Berlin. Hitler killed himself and his wife on April 30th. By May 7th Germay was forced to surrender unconditionaly. Hitler Summary. Hitler had a hard start to life and not the childhood that he would have wanted I'm sure. The things that Hitler did were heartless and brutial. He was an egotistical and just plain evil man; that over reacted at the demands of the treaty of Versisles, and took the responsibility of making Germany into a powerful nation once more, into his own hands. Some of the things that he did such as the Holocaust, were sick and inhumain to all eyes who study it. He even drove his own niece to suicide, what kind of man does that make him? Some of the things that Hitler did were just plain stupid like thinking that he could conquer Russia in the winter, personally I just think that he was big headed and cockey. Pearl harber was a very short sighted attack too as all that it acomplished was, it "awoke a sleeping giant." Bringing America into the war was not a very smart idea at all, in fact I believe that it was one of the main factors why Germany lost the war. To conclude, I hope that in the course of history, never again will a person as evil as Hitler get chance to try to rule the earth
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