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Time to Teach

Review on Blackfoot People

Sudiksha Nukala

on 6 October 2012

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Transcript of Time to Teach

Blackfoot People
Introduction The Blackfoot people were nomadic, which meant they traveled throughout the prairies following the herds or food. Since they moved often, they needed a home that was easy to take down and put back up. Blackfoot- Daily Life The daily life of the Blackfoot is very different from ours. They hunt their own food. They have mobile homes (not on wheels though). Blackfoot people eat buffalo in their daily diet. They hunted using bows and arrows. They lived out on the Plains when the weather was nice and warm and moved to the Foothills when it started to get cold out. They used to have big dogs to help carry their belongings during the transports. But Why are they called "Blackfoot"? Well, I will tell you. They are called 'Blackfoot' because they dance in ashes/fire and their feet turn black.

The adults in the Blackfoot homes had their own roles to do. The men made weapons and did the hunting. They would tell the rest of the group when it was time to move the tipis and follow the herd of buffalo. The women were technically in charge of the home (tipi). It was their responsibility to cook, clean, put up and take down the tipi when it was time to move, and gather wild plants for food. The women technically did everything for the tipi. The children would learn household jobs and help their mother by the ages of 5 to 6. Sun-Dance Spirituality was very important to the Blackfoot. They believed that young men went into the wilderness to be visited by a vision or dream that would give them a protecting spirit for the rest of their lives. Dancing was also an important part of their spirituality. Tobacco was burned because it was believed to be a way to reach the spirits.

Their most important spirituality was the Sun Dance. This ritual lasted 3 to 4 days of dancing, festing, and religious ceremonies. Part of a ceremony was a test of yound warrior's strength and ability to take pain. His pectoral muscle would be cut and rope would be attatched to the muscle. The other end of the rope was then tied to a centre post of the Sun Dance lodge until either the muscle broke or the warrior fainted from pain or exhaustion. Blackfoot Clothing The first nations people from the Plains wore hides as clothing. Moose skins made the best moccasins and deer skin was used to make leggings and womens' dresses. Decorating Clothing The Blackfoot were very artistic people. They often decorated their clothing with paint made from nature, they used iron to make reddish colour and they used minerals to get the colours green, orange, purple, and yellow. The Blackfoot used porcupine quills to decorate clothing. Shells, bones, and claws from animals were also used for decoration. After the horses arrived, the horses' hairs were used for strings and ropes, sinew was made out of tendons of animals. The Tipi Setting up a tipi: The women were responsible for taking the tipi down and setting them back up. Tipi Designs: The Blackfoot people were known for their beautiful designs on their tipis. Not all first nations people actually painted their tipi. The Blackfoot painted them to honour the animal spirits and the spirits of nature. They believed that the "spirit" design that they used would help to protect their family. These designs were said to have come to the people through visions or dreams from grandfather and grandmother spirit. There is often a legend for each design. Blackfoot Quiz Questions 1. What were the roles of the women?
2. Name one resource the Blackfoot used to make their clothing.
3. Why are the Blackfoot people called "Blackfoot? What got them this name?
4. When painting a tipi, each design oftenly has a legend behind it.
Truse or False? Blackfoot Quiz Answers 1. To take care of the tipi
2. Deer skin and/or Moose Skins
3. Because they dance in fire/ashes and their feet turn black.
4. True By: Sudiksha and Denisha
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