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College Bound!

A basic tutorial on proritizing, time management, study skills, and the tools needed to to survive your first year of college.

Autumn Derrick

on 2 July 2015

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Transcript of College Bound!

Only 46% of students to enroll in college actually graduate!

Drop-out factors include:
Inadequate preparation for college-level academics
Conflicting demands of school, family, and work
Financial burden

Succeeding in college requires knowledge, skills, and determination…Are you ready?
College 101
Study Skills
Time Management
In Conclusion
Studying can have great benefits, both in school and, later, in the workplace.

People with good study skills:
Are quicker to grasp concepts and learn subjects thoroughly
Are more confident in school/work/life
Make higher grades on homework, tests and classes
Graduate earlier
Perform better at work
Time Management Tips
Don't let common college pitfalls trap you!
Be Prepared
Be Responsible

Remember your study skills!
Study early and often
Utilize learned study techniques

Manage your time!
Get organized
Make a plan - and stick to it!
College Bound!
A Guide to Surviving College
Surviving college isn't easy!
College Statistics
Study Statistics
Find Out Where You're Wasting Time
Waiting at the doctor's office or wasting time during lunch

Create Time Management Goals
Create goals for yourself
Example: “I will finish this project in one hour”

Implement A Plan
Stick to your plans
Don’t let distractions veer you off course

Go to all orientations
Why Manage My Time?
Local guidance counselors clued us in on the pitfalls of many first-year college students.

Students often struggle with:
Harder academic classes
Increased freedom
Distractions on and off campus
Co-ed living/dorm life
Poor study skills
Less accountability
Unstructured environment
Limited resources
Why aren't we ready?
Learn your way around campus quickly.

Know who you can go to for help.

Listen carefully and make notes to reference later.
Study Skills 101

Don't Skip Around
Many concepts build on each other
Take the time that is needed to learn each concept so that you can get to the next step

Just Get Started
Looking at a blank page is hard!
Just breathe deeply and start your project -- You'll be amazed at how quickly it goes from there!
An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.
-Benjamin Franklin
Become an Expert
On all course requirements

On prerequisites

On the syllabi, expectations, and due dates

Never say, "I didn't know it was due."
Don't Procrastinate - Prioritize!
Don't wait and cram - It doesn't help you learn or succeed

Make a list of assignments - Most to least important

Set deadlines and stick to them

Stay organized!
Find Your Study Place
Quiet places, free of distraction

Use your campus' student services
Go to Class!
Sleeping in is tempting - Fight the temptation

Skipping too many classes can effect your comprehension, test scores and grades

College isn't as strict as high school - But you still have to go!
Strive for Good Grades
Don't settle for just a passing grade - Do your best!

Subjects are harder in college - Stay focused and prepared

If you get behind, seek out an academic tutor
Take Responsiblity
For yourself and your actions

Acknowledge your mistakes and learn from them

College is for adults - and adults have to be responsible!
Make Time for Yourself
Even good students need a break!

Take time from studying to do something you enjoy

Have fun - But take care of your responsiblities first
Tips for Effective Studying
Your Goal for College --
Such as Roy G. Biv to remember the colors in the rainbow

Silly Sentences
Like "Every Good Boy Deserves Fudge" for the music scale

Pictures as a Plus
Pictures help you connect information visually

"Chunk" It
Shorten and summarize long bits of information

Partner Up
Having a partner pushes you to succeed
People who manage their time well:
Get more accomplished during the day
Cut down on wasted time
Experience less stress
Have more time to spend on things that matter, like friends and family
What have you invested in your education?
Prepare to be Overwhelmed
Bottom line – College is stressful!

With work, school and a social life, things may get hectic

Know that you are not the only one who feels this way!
Seek a Balance
College is about gaining knowledge -- and life experience

Study hard so that you can play hard!
Take Breaks
Alleviates frustration
Allows new ideas to form naturally

Stay Focused
Turn off your cell phone
Avoid television, radio and social networking sites
You get twice as much done without distractions
Study Skills 101
Time Management Tips
Prioritize Ruthlessly
Figure out what your priorities are
You might have to cut some activities you enjoy in order to accomplish an assignment

Make Sure Your Systems are Organized
Being organized optimizes your time

Make Time For Fun
Leisure time is essential to being productive during the day

Exit Survey
Please follow the link below and fill out the exit survey to complete this workshop:

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