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Globalisation and Cultural Dilution

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Choco Huynh

on 19 April 2010

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Transcript of Globalisation and Cultural Dilution

Globalisation and Culture Dilution Globalisation definition
Globalization is a concept used to describe the connection of the world’s economy.

It’s involves technology, economic, political, trade, financial and culture.

It also involves increasing exchange made positive by advances in communication, transportation and infrastructure. Culture definition

Culture involves important subjects that describe the issues such as family, language, indentify, stereotyping, raising, expectation, economic situation and religion, etc…

Culture is the product of human as a result of human evolution. Each country have their own culture and its would be maintain through generation

5 Effects
of globalisation on Vietnamese culture Fashion
The fashion affects from international movies (Korea, Japan, etc…)

The fashion style is affected mainly by Korean films. This was the result of a consumer survey carried out by a Vietnamese apparel brand.

Some products from Japan (fashion and make-up) are very popular in Vietnam

For example: teenagers try to make-up and dress-up to look like on Korean and Japanese movies Food

The influence of China is considered the greatest impact of a foreign culture in traditional Vietnam. Therefore, many cooking styles in many restaurants as well as in some families in Vietnam are influenced by Chinese cooking styles.

Since Vietnam joined WTO (World Trade Organization), Vietnam experience many advantages. For example: exported products to another country with a lower tax than before.

Influences from Western food styles, mostly fast food restaurants, were opened in Vietnam. The incomes is increasing and number of restaurant also increasing.

Vietnam has many multinational companies and many people immigrate to Vietnam for work

To satisfy the international TV audience, television channels in Vietnam also a very international image. Also Vietnamese customers’ demands are satisfied.

For example: Truyen Hinh Cap, the Cable TV company in Vietnam is one example this is one of the biggest companies in Vietnam providing multinational channels.


In the past, China colonized Vietnam for many years. Therefore, China was able to influence a lot in Vietnamese culture.

Vietnam’s religion has no doubt been strongly influenced by Chinese culture

For example: Many church were opened in Vietnam. Almost all Vietnamese people are Buddhist.

Japanese hair style A channel on Vietnam TV with translatetion below Fast food restaurant in Vietnam Also in fashion style My culture

Vietnam culture is one of the oldest cultures in the Pacific region.

Although the greatest influence of China on culture, but Vietnam has still a lot to preserve own culture, which extremely important in the life of the Vietnamese people.
A church in Vietnam
Nowadays, Vietnam attracts many tourism all over the world. English is the major affect on Vietnamese language today.

English becomes very popular and people prefer to speak English.

For example: Hoi An which is an ancient town of Vietnam. It attracts many tourism come to visit. So most of bussiness people here learn to speak english to communicate with forgein people

The interconnectedness of our global society

Through globalization-many countries all over the world have chance to connect together. Because trade goods and service together through business, multinational companies, immigration. Therefore, people could exchange cultures together, make a better relationship between countries and creates the world becomes smaller

Language: http://www.quangminh.org.au/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=392:ngon-ng-vit-nam-ch-quc-ng&catid=93:van-hoc&Itemid=338

;-) Thank you for reading
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