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Implementing the Lesson Impression Strategy

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Catherine Noonan

on 1 December 2012

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Transcript of Implementing the Lesson Impression Strategy

Professional Development
12-3-12 Implementing the Lesson Impression Strategy What is the lesson impression strategy? This strategy helps students develop an impression about what the soon-to-be lesson will cover. It's used to expose students to content in an engaging way(Brozo & Simpson, 2007).
Students can compare what they knew before the lesson to what they learned as a result of the lesson. How does the lesson impression strategy work? How can I apply this to my own classroom? Lesson Impression Writing Example The following example was given to a high school student before reading a book about the Holocaust. What else can be done with the lesson impression strategy? Students can record similarities and differences between their impressions and the actual content by creating a Venn diagram or compare/contrast chart (p. 148, Brozo & Simpson, 2007). -Present the students with a list of words or phrases taken directly from the material to be covered.
-Next, ask students to write a short description or a narrative using all of the given words. The students will write what they think the lesson will be about.
So what? What's the big idea? Lesson impressions can increase motivation by heightening anticipation and providing a meaningful purpose for learning. This strategy can be used in all subject areas in a variety of ways. Your turn! Lesson impress me! Turn and talk! Question 1: How could you implement this strategy in your own classroom? Question 2: Could this strategy be adapted? Do modifications need to be made to reach struggling readers?
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