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Animals are a Burden

No description

Rachel Bell

on 24 April 2017

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Transcript of Animals are a Burden

Animal Abuse
by:Rachel bell

A modest proposal for preventing the animals from being a burden to the people who abuse animals.
Animals do not have any value
Animals do not contribute to human life in any way. According to the studies of John James a scientist at the National Institute of Animal Worthlessness states "the few studies that have been conducted suggest that pet ownership may contribute to health and emotional ailments in both children and adults".
Animals are just property
Anyone can do what they want with animals, they are property. Whether it be chaining them to a fence to starve or kicking them for no reason. It's your object and what you chose to do with it, is up to you. Statistics show that over 71 million Americans think of their animals as property and not pets. Property is defined as a thing that belongs to someone ; a possession.
You have to have no conscious to abuse an innocent animal.
Animals have no emotions/feelings.
Why treat the useless animals with love and affection when they are not beneficial. Animals are emotionless and have no feelings. As claimed by
, "Dogs do not develop any emotions in their lifetime".
Animals are not smart/do not think
Scientists have done MRI's and technology to see that the brain in animals show no activity. These animals are dumb and don't even understand the word abuse or mistreatment.
Animals are nothing like humans
To prove the point that animals are nothing like humans , research has shown that humans are 2% similar to dogs, 0.07% to chimpanzees and 1.5% similar to cows through DNA. Animals shouldn't be thought as equal as humans, they share minimal relations. Animals need to be treated less because they are different from human beings.
I now propose that the loved ones of these "abusers" be chained outside in the hot sun without food, water and any social interaction, till they die. John James the scientist at the National Institute of Animal Worthlessness has proven my proposal valid. The family members are just as valueless as the animals are. They are not important or beneficial to life, no one needs family members.
ANimals are nothing but a costly object to humans. All animals ever do is eat and sleep. They deserve to be kicked and starved till their bones are prominent. These so called "animal abusers" are doing the world a favor. ANimals do not have any value and do not contribute to human life in any way.
Pets are like family members. THey have emotions and feelings as anyone would. According to Peta, " All animals have the ability to suffer in the same way and to the same degree that humans do"." They feel pain, pleasure, fear, frustration, loneliness and motherly love". ANimals have all of the feeling of a human. Imagine what you do to them would feel to you. Keeping them in a small cage, with no room to move or chaining them to a fence with no socialization. ANimals need socialization to live and thrive.
Animals are more than just property, they are companions, workers and resources. Before you think that they are valueless, think of all the ways animals benefit society. Animals perform jobs that humans can't even do. SErvice dogs offer their senses of sight, hearing and smell to aid people with with disabilities and to perform law-enforcement duties.
Just because animals can't talk and do every single thing a human can, doesn't give you the right to treat them any less. statistics show that chimpanzees are 96% to 98% similar to humans and dogs share 84% dna with humans. this shows how relatively close animals are to humans. why treat them different when they are just like yourself.
mri's and technology show that we can see brain areas activated in animals and the chemicals that mirror our own brain functions. ANimal's are smart and tests show that they do have brain activity. They know what is being done to them, they know what abuse is.
why mistreat a harmless and defenseless animal when they benefit us humans in many ways.According to James Griffin, a scientist at the National Institute of Child health and Human development, "The few studies that have been conducted suggest that pet ownership may have multiple health and emotional benefits for both children and adults". It does not make sense to hurt what can help you. ANimal's should be treated as a loved family member.
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