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Tim Burton

No description

haley carrier

on 6 November 2013

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Transcript of Tim Burton

The Mastermind of Tim Burton!
Just a Few More Techniques on Filming
Tim Burton: August 25, 1958 Burbank, CA
His occupations known consist of being an illustrator, painter, screenwriter, director and producer.
Attended the California Institute of Arts founded by Walt and Roy Disney.
Began 4 year apprenticeship at Disney as an Asst. Animator and concept artist.

Tim Burton's Filming Techniques
Burton uses a few different techniques when he is in the process of creating his films. One of them being the uses of Elaborate Make-up and dramatic lighting; when using real life actors.
Example: Mad Hatter from Alice In Wonderland and Beetlejuice
Burton's Techniques
Another technique used in many of his animations is Stop-Motion.

Claymation, Computer Generated Imagery and Second layering traditional animation are common processes for Burton.
Tim Burton Directly Influenced.....
Henry Selick is a stop-motion animator, director, writer and producer who is similar to Tim Burton. The both of them started out working for Disney and Pixar motion pictures in which they met while there. Since then, they have worked on two movies together. Nightmare Before Christmas and James and the Giant Peach. Selick was the director for both of the movies, which Burton mistakenly got credit for.
A Little More About Henry Selick....
Like Burton, Selick also attended California Institute of Arts, but for Experimental Animation. Like Burton again, Selick heavily uses stop-motion animation and computer generated imagery. He is also the director and producer for the motion picture, "Coraline", which has Burtonesque themes and has references to the "Nightmare Before Christmas."
Burton is Unique...
Tim Burton is unique in his films compared to mot other directors and producers out there. Burton has a particular style that everyone can tell right away when watching any of his films. It contains dark humor, horror, fantasy and a sense of a whole other reality.

A lot of what is found in Burton's films has been rooted from his childhood. In some movies he has references to what has actually happened to him during his childhood. Example: "Frankenweenie", he lost his own dog when he was a child, which is what this creative movie was based off of.
As a child Burton spent days watching horror and science fiction, which is what he incorporates in his movies. Everything that Burton does with his films has much to do with how he grew up and what his interests were. Making him an eccentric man and he takes things much further than most other directors and producers.
Overall Significance of Burton
Overall Burton has been know as an "uncompromised visionary and best known modern auteur".His style is instantly recognized and is one of the most recognizable film makers today.
His movies work on multiple layers. "They appeal to children, but contain a sensibility that only adults can truly grasp." : Tim Burton, MoMA, Ron Magliozzi, Jenny He, 21
Live Filming of Burton
In Burton's live-action films, he employs excessive enchanted make-up effects and lots of lighting, whether high or low contrast, in whatever atmosphere they are shooting.
Just Things That You Always Find In A Burton Film....
"The Pudgy Weasel" and "The Flashback"
The guys with a little bit of weight are the ones that shouldn't be trusted, and in almost every movie, you have one character that has if not many, flashbacks.
"Same Actors" and "The Monster":
One of the actors that Burton loves to use in his films is Johnny Depp, who is also like a brother to him, his best friend and also the God Father of his children.
"The Impossibly Kind Parent Figure" and "The Witch"

"Nightmare Face" and "The Punky Rebellious Young Lady"
"The Blonde Ingenue" and "The Skittish Outcast"
Burton...The Director
Not only is he an artist that likes to paint and illustrate Gothic arts, but he is a director of "fables, fairy tales, and fantasies, with an aesthetic that incorporates the Gothic, the Grand Guignol and German Expressionism."
Tim Burton, MoMA, Jenny He, 17
"A lot of things you see as a child remain with you…you spend a lot of your life trying to recapture the experience.
– Tim Burton
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