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Role-playing the Standards for Mathematical Practice: A Prof

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Jonathan Bostic

on 6 February 2014

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Transcript of Role-playing the Standards for Mathematical Practice: A Prof

Role-playing the Standards for Mathematical Practice: A Professional Development Tool
Common Core for Reasoning and Sense Making Elementary and Secondary
100 PD hours over one calendar year
Elementary (K-5) and Secondary (5-10)
Three foci:
Making sense of the SMPs
Exploring inquiry through worthwhile tasks, mathematical discourse, and appropriate learning environments
Iimplementing classroom-based tasks that aligned with the CCSSM
Unpacking the SMP
Groups of two to four teachers, and at least one from each band (i.e., K-2 and 3-5 or 5-7 and 8-HS).
Groups were assigned a SMP and asked to:
Read and describe the SMP in a manner that the following kinds of people might understand: (1) a child in their respective grade levels, (2) a parent or administrator, and (3) a fellow teacher of mathematics
Role-play a classroom scenario depicting an aspect of their assigned SMP
The rest of the teachers shared whether and/or to what degree the SMP was evident in the role-play.
The instructors synthesized teachers’ ideas during a final share time following the role-plays.
What do you notice?
Watch the videos of SMP #4 from (CO)^2RES Elementary.
Impressions and Implications
Teachers from both cohorts showed little evidence characterizing SMP #1. (Follow-up analysis with SMP look-for protocol.)
Teachers struggled to translate the SMPs for students in their respective grade levels.
Teachers reported not experiencing mathematics as it was described in the SMPs.
...what did we learn as PD providers?
Teachers' prior knowledge and possible classroom practices.
Considerations regarding design of Summer Institute PD to best support teachers' everyday teaching.
Jonathan Bostic and Gabriel Matney
Bowling Green State University
bosticj@bgsu.edu gmatney@bgsu.edu

Common Core for Reasoning and Sense Making Elementary and Secondary
To share a PD tool.
To examine impressions after its use.
To reflect on current PD practices use within the scope of PD addressing the CCSSM.
Funded by Ohio Board of Regents Improving Teacher Quality Grants # 11-07 and 11-08.
Further Implications
How are you formatively assessing teachers' ideas related to the SMPs?
What are you doing in your PD and coursework that supports sense making of the SMPs?
What struggles are you facing as a teacher educator supporting sense making of the SMPs?
What's needed?
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