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Computerized Enrollment System for

No description

Christine Joy Gabato

on 11 March 2015

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Transcript of Computerized Enrollment System for

This proposal aims to make a solution for the school's slow enrollment process. It also intends to solve different transactions made by the school.
Based on the interview held on December 13, 2014, Mr. Danilo Tupas told us that they are having a hard time because of the slowness and unreliability of their current manual system.
The problems that the school is facing
right now are as follows:

of some students
If information is
needed about a
certain student,
the client is having
a hard time searching
due to the fact that all
of the records are inside
a rusty old filing
Computerized Enrollment System for
Holy Family Angels Preparatory School

The reasons behind why we
chose our client are as follows:
A member of our
group is near the
perimeter of the
Information is gained
easily due to the fact
that a member's house
is near the client's school.
They are the ones who give schedules on when we are going to conduct our interviews.
The client shows good
interest to our project
- The principal/owner of
the school is quite approachable in which whenever we conduct an interview, he will still manage to find time for us.
Overview of the Current State of the Technology
New students must
fill up a registration
form and pass the
given requirements.
Old students must pass their previous report cards & update their current information such as address and etc.
-Honor Pupils
From HFAPS or other schools the
1st Honor = 15%
2nd Honor = 10%
3rd Honor = 5%.
-Sibling Discount.
P 50.00 will be
subtracted from
the current fee every
monthly payment.
Pre-school= P 7500.00
Grade-school= P 7000.00
Teachers are the ones who computes
the final grades of the
students once after the Parent-Teachers
Conference (PTC) is held.
It will help the school compile every
information of the students and it
will not consume large space in
putting some cabinets because the
storage is in the system already.
By using this system, the principal
can manage the student’s information
easily and less effort.
By using this system, the parents
can enroll their children easily
and not consuming their time.
By using this system, the registrar
will know if a certain
student has an unpaid obligation
or had fully-paid the given tuition fee.
By using this system,
the cashier can easily find
the student balance
and can process transaction
Of The Problem

Based on the interview we've conducted,
Mr. Danilo Tupas told us that they are having difficulties
regarding the current enrollment process and payment
monitoring of the school. He admitted that they are
having so much inconvenience and predicaments with
their manual system in terms of updating of student records.
How to design, develop, and implement a computerized enrollment system for the Holy Angels Preparatory School?
How to develop a module that will speed up the registration procedure?
How to develop a module that will print out necessary reports?
How to develop a module that will monitor the payment of the students?
How to develop a module that will automate the computation of grades?
How to develop a module that will aid in the maintenance of students information?
The main objective of this proposal is to design,
develop, and implement a Computerized Enrollment System for the Holy Family Angels Preparatory School
to automate their current Manual System.
Specific Objectives
To develop a module that will speed up the registration procedure
To develop a module that will print out necessary reports
To develop a module that will monitor the payment of the students
To develop a module that will automate the computation of grades.
To develop a module that will aid in the maintenance of students information.
Student information
Assessment of fees
-The system will provide a module that will monitor the payment of students.

-All information about a certain student is allowed to be modified by authorized personnel.
- It will allow the user to delete an account and to update current information of a certain faculty member (Handled sections, schedule & etc.)
- This will allow the user to modify the subjects if there are changes in the curriculum.
- The user will be allowed to change the room names
if necessary.
- This will allow the user to modify or remove a certain schedule.
- This will allow the user to modify the current fee if there are any changes
- This will allow the user to add an account for an authorized faculty member.
- This will allow the user to add or modify the current section if essential.
- This will allow the user to remove and add a discount of a certain student.
-Issuing of official receipts will be done by the cashier and the system will print for the official receipt and will monitor the payment and balance of the students.
Master list of students
- This report contains the information and number of students enrolled in the school with their names and sections.
Student listing
- This report contains the name of the student per section and arranged in alphabetically order.
Assessment form
- This form contains information about the mode of payment preferred by the enrollee and a
breakdown of payments that they need to settle.
Registration form
- It contains information about the enrollee and for the reference from the school's administration
- This report enables the user to view their overdue debts of a certain enrollee.
Official receipt
- It's the report of the payment transaction that the enrollee must take full responsibility.
This contains the amount of payment that the student paid.
- Users are required to input their usernames and passwords before using the system
- In our proposed system, a backup- database will be allowed to be created by a specific user.
-In our proposed system, old files will be archived by a specific user.
Back-up restoration
-In our proposed system, restoration of the back- up database is enabled
Archive restoration
-In our proposed system, restoration of archive files are also enabled.
Computation of Raw Scores
-In our proposed system, computation of raw scores are not included. Quizzes,
Tests, Book Reports, Attendances and Activities for each subject
are handled by their respective teachers.

Pre- registration
- In our proposed system, pre-registration is not
needed. Since all subjects are enrolled in a
block section this kind of module is not included.

Waterfall is a sequential design process, often used in software
development process, in which progress is obviously seen
downwards through the phases at Planning, Analysis,
Design Execution and Maintenance.

Preschool & grade school= P500 It will depend
if the student have discounts
[Cash, Semi-Annual, Quarterly and Monthly]
Rooms intended for preschool students are air conditioned.
First of all, we shall make a database system for the
given problem. Lastly, create a program intended to
lighten the heavy papers being kept inside the filing
cabinet being used by the client.
General Problem

Specific Problems
General Objective

-This will allow a certain user to extract and modify the records in the system.
This phase is essential for the success of the project proposal. In this phase the system analyst must look carefully in every detail of the data
from the interview we’ve conducted, also in this phase the developers must know
what kind of a program they have to do. By setting a list of objectives
the given problems shall have a solution.
-The proponents identified the scope intended in the current enrollment system by
conducting an interview and distinguish the problems regarding their manual enrollment.
-To provide the right equipment’s to make our system.
We also knew the person who are involved in using our system.
In this phase, the proponents must understand the requirements for the business,
also in this phase the proponents have to make a logical model for the planned system.
Hypothesis making in this phase is included. This activity should be performed with the
client in which all kinds of information’s about the business must be discussed.
In this stage, the proponents will create a blueprint for the proposed system
that will satisfy the document we’ve created. The developers aim to find the solution
in which they have to know what kind of inputs and outputs are imperative.
In this phase, PHP and C# will be used as a programming language due to the fact
that it’s easy to use. It’s also a user friendly program.
SQL will be used in making the databases.

In this phase, the proposals must guarantee
the client that the given system is safe,
reliable and somehow will led a helping hand to
improve their manual enrollment.

Thank you for listening
Proposed by:

Aniñon, Cindy
Balana, Joseph Niño
Gabato, Christine Joy
Montalban, Pauline
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