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Washington DC.

No description

Brady Wise

on 2 May 2011

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Transcript of Washington DC.

Washington D.C. Trip

Brady, Dylan, Sean, Derek George Washington called Mount Vernon his home for more than _______years

A) 3
B) He never lived there
C) 45
D) 20 Answer- C George Washington expanded the property from______ acers to nearly _____acers?

A) 3455, 4326
B) 2000, 8000
C) 2504, 4523
D) 45, 543 Answer- B The property contained_____ working farms. Washington's primary focus was on expanding the "Mansion House Farm's" eight rooms to the current______ rooms and passages.

A) 5, 46
B) 78, 46
C) 5, 23
D) 46, 5
Answer- C On January 6, 1759, George Washington married Martha Dandridge Custis. Martha had two children by her first husband. Their names were?

A) Ben, Dale
B) Susan, Gavin
C) Martha, Curtis
D) John, Martha Answer- D Mount Vernon consist of four diffrent gardens. Name two

A) David, Frencks
B) Washington, Lincon
C) Upper, Botanical
D) Brithgresh, Hanses Answer- C Washington considered himself a farmer. As a farmer, he experminted in several areas. Name two.

A) Seeds and Plants
B) Fruits and Vegatables
C) Weeds and Flowers
D) Cows and Sheep Answer- A Turn The Page!!!!! James Smithson died in 1826. Having no family heirs, he chose to leave his wealth to a counrty he had never seen. What country was Smithson a citizen of?

A) Irish
B) Germany
C) United States of America
D) England Answer- D The Smithsonian Institution consits of________
museums and the National___________in the Washington, D.C. area.

A) Fun and Boring
B) Monuments and History
C) Historic and Momuments
D) None of the above
Answer- C In which museum will you find the following:
A. Portraits of the Presidents- National Portrait Gallery
B. Sprit of St. Louis- National Air & Space
C. Moon Rock- National Air & Space
D. A collection of Native American artifacts- National Museum of America
E. The Peacock Room- Gallery 12
F. Dorthy's Ruby Red Slippers- National Museum of America
G. Giant Pandas- National Zoo
H. Old Glory- Francis Scott Keys' inspiration- National Museum of America
I. Collection of Stamps- National Postal Museum
J. Burial site of James Smithson- South Tower of the Smithsonian building James Smithson donated more than100,000 gold sovereigns to the US Congress. When converterd into US currency, it amoutned to more than $________

A) $5,234
B) $7, 876
C) $800,000
D) $500,000 Answer- D Which President signed an Act of Congress on August 10, 1846, to establish the Smithsonian Institution?

A) Roosevelt
B) James Polk
C) Smithsonian himself
D) Chris Bobb Answer- B Which President's dream became
reality when the Catheredral's construction began?

A) James Polk
B) Woodrow Wilson
C) George Washington
D) All of the above
Answer-B What item is needed
to call a church a cathedral?

A) People
B) Pope
C) Cathedral sign
D) Cathedra Answer- D Because of the precise art of stone cutting, it takes a long time to build a church of this size. How many years were required to complete the exterior of this one.

A) 70 years
B) 83 years
C) 90 years
D) 35years Answer- B Name the three State Funerals and the one offical burial service of US President

State Funerals: Eisenhower, Regan, and Ford

Offical Burials Service: Witson in 1913, Pope Pius the 9th approved plans for the building of a national shrine but it was not until _____ that the cornerstone was laid. In what year was this church dedicated?

A) 1920, 1959
B) 1850, 1851
C) 1900, 1922
D) 1855, 1900 Answer- A Who was the first Pope to ever visit the National Shrine?

A) John Paul III
B) John Paul II
C) John Paul I
D) John Paul Answer - B The exterior architecture was_________
while the interior is of the _________ style
of architecture.

A) Gavin Miller, Readsing
B) Gaivonia, Burroke
C) Jonh Claw, Brick
D) Byzantine, Romanesque
Answer- D The distance from the floor to the
apex of the Great Dome is_____ feet

A) 1,000
B) 2,000
C) 5,002.365
D) None of the Above Answer- D
The CORRECT answer
is 159 feet. The Cathedral
Pope John Paul II Smithsonian Institution
The National Shrine The Mount Vernon Gardens
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