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No description

maggie smith

on 29 April 2010

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Transcript of Setsucon

What is Setsucon? Why Did We Choose Setsucon? Other Corporate Options...
Bank of America
Lockheed Martin
Opportunity to Create a System from Scratch Direct Connections With Setsucon Staff and President Project Management System Analysis Business Processes
& System Requirements Store Setsucon information
Attendees, staff, guests, equipment

Managing specific information
Names, addresses, equipment descriptions

Put in place with the hopes that future executives will be able to easily access the information should they need to for marketing or statistical purposes
Alternative Design Strategies Low-End Alternative
Low cost
Most conservative in terms of the effort, cost, and technology involved in developing a new system
Still able to reduce redundancies or make current processes more efficient
Limited capabilities
Low customization
May not be able to be modified to meet specific needs
Packaged software, Microsoft software
High-End Alternative
Use advanced technologies to allow the system to expand to meet future requirements
Extremely high functionality
Contain many extra features
High cost
Implementation can take a long time to complete
Do not have the necessary expertise in-house to implement the system
ERP systems, SAP
Mid-Range Alternative
Combines low-end alternatives with high-end alternatives
Low-end cost with high-end functionality
Still may be too costly or not as functional, depending on the needs of the user and the system
Custom software producers, in-house development
Setsucon is a student run organization that was started in 2006.
Annual Anime Convention Held at the Penn Stater Conference Center Last year the convention had an attendance of 1000 people Setsucon is in a stage of rapid growth, so it is imperative that they be able to find trends in attendance.
The old system of paperwork and verbal communication has reached its limits and must be replaced to improve efficiency.
The organization is a non-profit operation, and runs off of the money made each year from the previous convention.
While speaking to the president of the organization Sean Kelly, it was expressed that the new system would need to be flexible, yet simple.
Setsucons new system would need to be easy enough for all staff members to use and understand. Implementation would need to begin by the end of semester and finish by the end of the summer.
Penn State Organization The system would need to be linked to the existing setsucon website to allow for online registration.
True Business Need Requirement Determination
Setsucon needs a simple system that can easily be implemented and comes at a low cost. This way all members of the organization can use the system to properly transfer and log information.
The system designed for Setsucon will be a simple and low-cost. This way the information system can be updated without causing a massive overhaul of the existing system.
Overall approval of suggested system from Setsucon and it’s staff members
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