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Help the Hungry

No description

Lora Abernathy

on 30 August 2011

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Transcript of Help the Hungry

Jesus Christ 10
Kitchens 21
Pantries 25
Partners Our
Bread Hope Christian Alliance TouchPoint Greenfield
Center New Life
Church Our
Kitchen Butler
Camp Community
Greenfield New Vienna
UMC Hillsboro
Church Hillsboro
First UMC Area 937 Fellowship of Praise Bright Local Butler Springs Carmel Church of God Clarksville UMC Community Action Hillsboro Danville Church of Christ Friendly Village Highland County
Homeless Shelter Hope Emergency Leesburg UMC Living Waters
Shelter House Marshall
Church of Christ Pearl Street
Church of Christ Pricetown
Church of Christ Psalm 91
Shelter House Samaritan
Outreach Americorps A to Z
Advertising Highland County
Family YMCA Cares About
Life Rescue Foundation Builders Blue Flame Gas Gorman
Farms Got Forgiveness? Five Points Implement Good News Gathering Highland County
Senior Center Hillsboro City Schools Jackson Area
Ministries Lynchburg-Clay Elementary MAC Printing Melvin Liquid Fertilizer McCormick
Farms Operation Hope Feed Ponderosa Sherwood Camper Southern Ohio
Pregnancy Center Highland County Society for
Children and Adults Spectrum
Services Stuffed Animals
Emergency The Times-Gazette Hillsboro
Post Office National Hunger Rate: Highland County
Hunger Rate: Ohio Hunger Rate: May 2011 reports indicated that
54% of Highland County students
were in the free, reduced-price lunch program. In Dec. 2010,
3,135 families were clients of a pantry or kitchen. In April 2011,
4,232 families were clients. As of Aug. 2011,
4,824 families were clients. Now, 20% of the county is going to a food pantry, kitchen. That's 1 out of 5 households! That's more than 1 out of 2! In 2010, 13% of the county went to a food pantry, kitchen. HCA INITIATIVES Garden Project 8,500 ears of corn so far. 7,000 tomatoes so far. Help the Hungry Veterans Month Questions? TouchPoint Greenfield
Center Community
Greenfield New Vienna
UMC Hillsboro
First UMC 15% 17% 21% Baby Shower Sherwood Camper Brad's Garden Center
& Country Story
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