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Summative Project

No description

Robyn Farlow

on 16 May 2013

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Transcript of Summative Project

SCIENCE Biology Chemistry Climate Change Physics H O 2 Molecular Compound This is where I would talk about covalent bonds ... ... and the properties of water in its various forms. This would be a nice conclusion statement. Water plays an important role in our digestive system. The Digestive System This is when I would do a little research to determine water's specific role as it moves through the body. Bibliography And list my source in my bibliography Stomach Finished! Small Intestine Food Large Intestine Esophgus The nutrients in our food give us energy. Where does this energy originally come from? Radiation from the Sun Talk about importance of the Sun's energy and light, and how it impacts all living organisms. The Sun's energy is also responsible for the melting ice... Polar bears are affected by the melting ice. Do some research on how the open waters affect the bears' eating patterns. And suddenly we are back to talking about water... But now let's look at the bigger picture! This is where I make some great concluding statements and connect all four topics together. This should include some good detail and really show how all four areas of science are related. Finish this project by giving a brief overview of the big ideas that you learned about in this course. ... and the bear's digestive system. THE END The Sun's energy can change the physical state of water, and the sunlight interacts with water during the chemical process of photosynthesis.
But wait... I still need to relate Solar Radiation and Water.
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