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Tanzania - Africa Project

No description

Sofia Pedrosa

on 27 May 2013

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Transcript of Tanzania - Africa Project

Tanzania Physical Geography Lake Victoria Lake Tanganyika Lake Malawi Climate Currency 1 Tanzanian Shilling = 0.06 US cents
1 USD = 1,625 TZS Major Economic Activities Natural Resources Standard of Living History Tanzania is a republic (The United Republic of Tanzania) led by President Jakaya Mrisho Kikwete from the capital, Dodoma. Flag Self-ruled since 1961, Tanzania has remained politically stable despite turmoil in the rest of Africa. Religion Ethnic Groups The majority of the population on mainland Tanzania are ethnic Africans. On Zanzibar, the population consists of Arabs and Africans. Recreation
For recreation, Tanzanians enjoy activities such as soccer, music, dancing, playing games, storytelling, visiting friends, and more. Major Issue - Malaria Malaria is a major health problem in Tanzania, and about 60,000 people die of malaria each year. Symptoms Risk of Catching Malaria In areas where mosquitoes are abundant, young children and pregnant women are most at risk of catching malaria. Preventing Malaria
Be aware of the risks, avoid mosquito bites, take a medicine to prevent malaria, and seek medical attention if ill. Impact of this Issue on the World With increased globalization, any decrease in the economic output of a country affects the entire world. My Africa
The Afya Serengeti Project The Afya Serengeti Project
is a project working
to control rabies in the
Serengeti. What The Afya Serengeti Project Does Works with locals in
the Serengeti to
ensure widespread
vaccination of domestic
dogs. Rabies in Villages
Rabies is a big threat to humans and other animals living in the Serengeti. Many people die because they lack medical attention. Project Accomplishments
The project has seen rabies-related hospitalizations decrease by over 90%. The population of wild dogs has been increasing annually. How to Help For every animal vaccinated with Nobivac® Rabies, Merck Animal Health donates a dose of rabies vaccine to the Afya Serengeti Project. Works Cited "Tanzania." Tanzania.climatemps.com. Climatemps.com, n.d. Web. 10 May 2013.

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"Malaria Info for Travellers and Residents in Tanzania."Istclinic.com. IST Clinic, Feb. 2006. Web. 22 May 2013. Language Swahili is the official language of Tanzania, though English, Arabic, and many local languages are also spoken.
Many of the women in Tanzania buy a "kanga", and men wear a "kanzu". Food
People in Tanzania are very hospitable, and offer people who visit their houses rice and beans, samosas, fruits and vegetables, chai, and more. High fever, headaches, nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea are typical; serious cases may include delirium. 600 B.C. - 400 B.C Bantu-speaking people move into the region east of Lake Victoria. 100 Arab traders trade
their goods along routes
between the east and
west coasts of Africa.
The beliefs and
culture of the Arabs
are spread. 1498 Explorer Vasco da Gama from Portugal becomes the first European to reach the coast of Africa. 1699 1886 Germany and Britain sign an agreement so that Germany has control over a part of East Africa. 1905-1906 A revolt led by native Maji Maji is ended by German troops. 1911 1919 1947 1961 Tanganyika becomes
independent. 1963 1964 1979 Tanzania invades Uganda to help topple President Idi Amin. 2001 2005 The current president,
Jakaya Kikwete, is
elected. He is re-elected
in 2010. Khalifa bin Harub becomes the
sultan in Zanzibar, though Zanzibar is
under British control. He is a strong
influence until he dies in 1960. Tanzanite is a rare gem
found only in the foothills of
Mount Kilimanjaro. Clothing Germany is defeated in WWI
and Britain, Belgium, and
Portugal take over parts
of East Africa. Three major islands: Zanzibar, Pemba and Mafia Kilimanjaro - "The roof of Africa" Ngorongoro crater - the world's largest caldera Economy Rainfall and maximum temperature chart Omani Arabs take the
Portuguese out of
Zanzibar. Tanganyika is put under the United Nations Trusteeship, and is controlled by Britain. Zanzibar
independent. Tanganyika and Zanzibar
merge. Six months
later, they are
renamed Tanzania. The Bulyanhulu (a gold mine) is opened near the town of Mwanza. Tanzania becomes Africa's third largest gold producer. Government Independence Culture Works Cited http://www.biography.com/imported/images/Biography/Images/Profiles/G/Vasco-da-Gama-9305736-1-402.jpg http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/en/thumb/0/00/Maji_maji.png/200px-Maji_maji.png http://realhistoryww.com/world_history/ancient/Misc/True_Negros/Assorted/Zanzibar_Khalifa_bin_Hareb.jpg http://images.nationalgeographic.com/wpf/media-live/photos/000/010/cache/malaria-parasites_1059_600x450.jpg http://www.akdmc.com/tanzania/besttimetogo/images/Dar-Es-Salaam.jpg http://www.banknotesinfo.com/TANZANIA/Tanzania-10000_Shillings-2003.jpg http://www.marinmineral.com/db_pics/pics/t44c.jpg http://www.mapsofworld.com/images/world-countries-flags/tanzania-flag.gif http://cdn.dipity.com/uploads/events/2f4cf4f1fd3509335b5e128efff1220a_1M.png http://www.juliusnyerere.info/gallery/nyerere_on_independence_day_1961-3.jpg http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/en/3/33/Idi_Amin.jpg https://encrypted-tbn1.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcR_dzdzIH-YmJT0oBJ7P8VgcQuI5jOhv89ai8IusKTBydPYAwTS http://kodiakimages.com/sitebuildercontent/sitebuilderpictures/NgorongoroCrater.jpg http://static.guim.co.uk/sys-images/Observer/Pix/pictures/2011/7/22/1311358917993/The-Hadza-tribe-of-Tanzan-007.jpg http://www.saudiaramcoworld.com/issue/200504/images/sin_ESSP0132782.jpg http://digital.library.upenn.edu/women/ruete/arabian/104.jpeg http://africanhistoryblog.files.wordpress.com/2013/05/germaneastaf.jpg http://www.un.org/depts/dhl/maplib/images_maplib/unflag.gif http://www.zanzinet.org/zanzibar/images/zanzibar_uhuru_63_scaled.jpg http://www.newsudanvision.com/images/stories/nyerere.jpg maps.google.comhttp://www2.dmu.dk/1_Om_DMU/2_afdelinger/3_am/4_expertise/5_research/6_Mines/Images/saebe2artisanmine.jpg http://1.bp.blogspot.com/-0OxBup1a46Y/TqcmA04zMbI/AAAAAAAAAn0/vU_mFNrp3ec/s1600/kikwete.gif http://i1083.photobucket.com/albums/j393/asiliafrika/Kanga%20January%202011/Kangapictures014.jpg http://pernille.typepad.com/.a/6a00d834522fa869e20162fc3aafab970d-800wi http://www.leisurequest.net/images/W/BoxNet-Single-Mosquito-Net-L2.jpg http://b.vimeocdn.com/ps/116/726/1167261_300.jpg http://gdb.voanews.com/4C4B5A26-33BE-4429-9CCB-E2BA1F4D0196_mw1024_n_s.jpg Thanks for Watching! By Sofia Pedrosa
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